Saturday, April 5, 2008

Playboy Philippines...Tsss

I buy it for the articles and interviews.” Do not kid yourself. Such a lame and old line. No one will believe you anyway. A better statement would be, “Why bother?”

Last April 2, at Sofitel Hotel in Pasay City, “Playboy Philippines” was launched. Yes, you heard it right, the Playboy magazine franchise is coming to the Philippines. Don’t you watch the news? Something this big should be “the news.” I said “should be.” Why? Simple, after finding out their plans for their issues, well, prepare to be disappointed. Its editor-in-chief, Laygo Dolor, confirmed that there will be no nudity inside its pages and it won’t be much different from the current men’s mags out in circulation (FHM, Maxim, Uno…) Again, why bother?

First, the Church. The Church will smite those who would wear skin-bearing clothes during masses, let alone, a magazine that shows no-clothes at all. You hear “Playboy,” you think girls in all their glory. It’s a brand that changed cultures all over the world. Well, we’re one of the countries who weren’t moved by its sensation. We’re that boring, I mean, conservative! Sure, we got homegrown ladies posing for the international edition, (wahoo!) but the last time I heard, she’s a Catholic school teacher nowadays. Okay. Nuff said.

Do not get me wrong. I do not support exploitation of women. I swear! I have my female family members and lady friends and I have nothing but respect for all of them. I just don’t get the idea of wasting lots of pesos from buying the brand and franchise when all they’re gonna publish is just another “lifestyle” mag with almost-naked chics holding iPods and lying at lush condos. Just another case of mediocrity without even trying.

Former Miss Earth 2004, Priscilla Meirelles graces the cover of the first issue. Something to look forward to, I guess.

Maybe us Pinoys aren’t really that “mature” enough for a publication like “Playboy,” and I kinda believe it to be so. Still, why bother? Hefner agreed to this? Tsk tsk…

Photo credit: Mukamo Phils


jaiskizzy said...

ayos pare. i was gonna post an anti-playboy philippines entry as well but you basically got my sentiments covered. at php199, that mag is bullshit. at half ng content pa nila e recycled from playboy u.s.

uno na lang bilhin nyo. wehe. shameless plug!

p.s. ifranchise natin penthouse philippines, 300 pesos per issue pero kita lahat. nakabiklat pa!

Kadz said...

I like their cover girl. Kung ganyan lang pala, I'd rather get Cosmopolitan, the one with Angel Locsin on the cover. Hehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Jai: Wahahaha! Di ko naman hate Playboy per se. Hefner is still god. Yun lang idea ng Playboy Phils. Parang diskumpyado ako sayo. Parang sa kabila ka kasi nagttrabaho. Nyahahaha. Kiddin! Pag-cover launch ha. Makabisita nga minsan.

Game ako sa Penthouse Philippines. I can see it now. It's gonna be big. No pun intended. Wehehehe.

timeenutlatte said...

I like their cover girl. Kung ganyan lang pala, I'd rather get Cosmopolitan, the one with Angel Locsin on the cover. Hehe.

Back issue na yun. Antay ka pa another month, half the price na yun. Ahehehe. Okay naman yun covergirl nila eh. She's hot naman. But she's dating a tool!