Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Scribbles XVI

LIFE: What are you passionate about?
April 27, 2008

TV shows/Movies
Ever since I can recall, I have this special relationship with my televisions. Back when the only way to change the channels was to turn this knob and there were only 13 clicks because frankly, there were only 13 channels back then. Yes, I remember that, when cable wasn’t available in the Philippines and the only way I could watch international shows is when relatives from states send us boxes of Betamax tape recordings of movies and shows (they have great commercials there). I really am fascinated with the world of entertainment. And someday, I hope I could live through it.

Writing wasn’t really my first love in my artsy side. When I was a child, I had this talent of drawing, doodling, and painting. And it’s safe to say that I was pretty good at it, at least, for a toddler, I was. But by mid-high school, for some reason, I lost interest in drawing and began writing instead. No, I’m not aiming for a Pulitzer but I think I’m a pretty decent writer. One of my goals in life is to write a novel. One of these days, hopefully, I get the drive to start it.

Most kids would prefer to receive toys on Christmases and their birthdays, well, me too. But if I receive clothes, I am equally delighted. Yeah, even when I was a child, I am already conscious with what I wear and how I look. Before you judge, I am not that fashion-crazy, I just appreciate couture. A somewhat minor trendsetter, you can say. For some reason, I find these new stuff and things and use them, and then, lo and behold, six months to a year after, they’re what’s in. Hehe…then again, this is an expensive passion, so not so much on this one.

This is my happy solvent, and yes, it’s bad for me. I have so much caffeine in me that I’m kinda shaky already. No, I ain’t nervous, just shaky. But, I just cannot live without coffee. Back when I was still in school, I always use coffee as my topic for reports and research, and even, (my greatest achievement in HS) made a feasibility study of starting a coffee shop, which someday, I hope, becomes a reality. I’m not saying I’m a coffee expert, just a coffee enthusiast.

I love the game! It just sucks that it doesn’t love me back. Well, for those of you who know me, I’m sure you have an idea why I won’t be good at this sport. I know how to play and I’m probably going to be good at it, if, if I was blessed with the physique for it. One hard foul and you better get your stretchers ready. So, I just have to settle for watching and rooting for my favorite teams. I am really passionate about college basketball because it is where you feel the essence of the game. Two schools locked in the battle, not for endorsements or deals, but for school pride. That’s why even if I have already graduated, I am still active when it comes to supporting my beloved Red Lions, which is going for a grandslam this coming NCAA season. Yeah, Go San Beda Fight!

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nightsky said...

One hard foul and you better get your stretchers ready.


timeenutlatte said...

Kim: Lam mu ba na ilang beses ako pinilit ni Erik maglaro for the Spartans. Eh kahit naman gusto ko, after seeing those people from Earthlink, I'll be at the benches cheering for you guys. Wahehe.

nightsky said...

Ahay. Hehehe... Well, mailap din sa akin ang sports. I'm such a lameass. =p

timeenutlatte said...

Fran-ches: Yeah. It sucks. I wanna feel that glory pa naman that you get from winning and carrying your school's name and making them proud. Hay. Hehehe.