Sunday, April 27, 2008

Justice for the Irish

I told myself that I won’t bother wasting my time writing about this topic and yet here I am having a go at it. Every Thursday, morning till night time, I stay away from entertainment pages in the internet so that I won’t know who got eliminated from American Idol until I watch the replay in the evening. For the past few weeks, that “strategy” works but I still know who goes home courtesy of my two lovely friends, Odette & Veejei. Tsk! Last Thursday though, not once did they mention anything about Wednesday’s performance.

Never really given it much thought. They probably just forgot about it. That is, until I opened my Multiply account and there, posted, are two blogs about who got eliminated. You know those animated shows where the cartoon character is so shocked his jaw drops and eyes pops out? Well, of course that did not happen to me, but it was very close. The finalist, the star that I am rooting for goes bye-bye. Carly Smithson’s journey ends.

Lots of times I’ve said that the contestant that I wanna win in any reality show never really comes out on top. Only once did and it never happened again. But this…this is different. I had a history of choosing finalists who doesn’t deserve to win but I still want them to anyways. Carly is the American Idol, even if she ain’t American. No one’s really in her league when it comes to singing. She’s very good, she has a personality, great character, she’s pretty ♥ and she’s Irish. (Yi, gots to love d’Irish, mate) And when you look at the remaining finalists, only David Cook’s worthy of winning the title. Archuleta? Please. I hate that boy. He can get away with anything if he just flashed his stupid grin on anyone. Jason? Yes, he may be charming, but what’s charms without talent. Syesha? I’m not about to diss you off since you did a stellar performance but I think you’re already overstaying. Brooke? I used to like you, but I never expected you’ll outlast Carly. It should’ve been Carly Smithson versus Michael Johns in the finale. The Irish versus the Aussie. But what happened? The inevitable, the nation got it wrong.

I realized now that three of the idols, from season 3 to 7, that I was rooting for, were eliminated when it was down to the Top Six. John Stevens (3), Constantine Maroulis (4), and now Carly. What the hell? Am I not allowed to love a winner? This really bites. If Mum did not watch the replay then I wouldn’t have remembered the tragedy. But, being the idol that she is, she took the elimination really, really well. She’s high in spirits and is excited about everything. The makings of a true star. Can’t wait for her album and records. I love you, Carly!!!


Kadz said...

It was a shocker. Even Brooke and Jason felt it too. Like you, we have the same AI hopefuls for the top two spot, yet they're eliminated this early in the competition. Some people are saying this is strategy, vote for the person with the worst performance that way when they get pitted against one's favorite, they have the upper hand. For others, it's overconfidence on the part of the fans of Carly (and Michael).

I think it's gonna be David vs. David. If it will be David A. versus Brooke or Jason, I'll throw my TV out the window. This is a singing contest in the first place. IMAO. Heheh.

timeenutlatte said...

If it's Brooke versus Jason, then I will watch it live. For the laughs. I don't think there'll be Season 8 if it happens. Mwahaha!

I think Archuleta's taking it home this year. A guy will win this year, that's fo'sho! For talent and fairness' sake, I do hope David Cook comes out on top. At least, someone who's current and is an "Idol".

AthensDLR said...

I do wish David Cook will win. Man, let's just all watch Disney Channel if it's David Archuleta that America wants.

timeenutlatte said...

It's unfair to Mickey. For Archuleta to be in the same sentence with him. Tsk tsk. I have a solution. Introduce Michael Jackson to David A. Mwahahaha!