Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Scribbles XV

Things you never understand about the opposite sex.
April 20, 2008

Change us guys to suit your wants and needs
Seriously, it is a known fact that you cannot change a person if the person doesn’t want to change. A guy may improve but will never change just because his girlfriend wants him to be more studious or act more mature. Hey, why are you together anyway if you hate his ways in the first place? When you said yes to him, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea on what you’re getting into. If you cannot accept us for who we are, then run the end credits on this one.

Going to the lavatory in packs
Well, I’m okay with this one and I guess it’s one of those age-old questions, I’m just curious why. Maybe because the gals need help during touch ups or can’t wait to share opinions about your dates? Curious, curious, curious.

It’s the 21st century, Maria Clara is dead
Conservatism! Give me a freaking break. Girls act like they’re all goody-goody when in fact they always go for the bad guy type. We all like the sense of adventure and the thrill of liberation, why do girls need to be all pretentious when a boy asks him out? We ain’t idiots, but we get bored easily. We know you want to, why fight it? I personally think highly of those who initiate and show motives (in a non-disgusting way).

Complements are not “bola”
I have this reputation of being “bolero” or one who says complements even if he doesn’t mean to. I never denied that I was, but then again, I know my boundaries. I wouldn’t have approached nor talked to you if I wasn’t interested. Chances are, while we’re talking and I dropped phrases like, “you’re really cute when you do that” or “you’re the perfect combination of beauty and brains,” I mean it.

Rebound is never an answer
Hmm, I think it’s safe to say that this one goes out to both sexes. After break up, I personally say that “rebound” is never an answer to one’s sorrows. You’re just fooling yourself if you start a new relationship after just getting out of one. You’re also ruining that chance of a possible great romance with your rebound but in the right time, not after you dumped or just got dumped. No, no, no.

I love girls; and I hope they love me too. Hehehe. Like the title of that book, “Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus,” the two classification of human beings are totally different from one another. It’s impossible to categorize or compare them to each other. It’s just not in their nature; they just need to learn to co-exist. So there, I’m single. Hahaha. Just plugging.

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nightsky said...

Going to the lavatory in packs - Because we fix ourselves quite longer than guys do, we need someone to keep us company, someone to talk to. AND all the juicy gossips are being passed around in the girls' bathroom.

they always go for the bad guy type - I know I do.

I personally think highly of those who initiate and show motives (in a non-disgusting way). - Ahem. Echos! Pero there were times in the past that I had come across as disgusting or desperate but these instances were when I had lethal doses of alcohol in my system - like close to passing out. =p

AthensDLR said...

they always go for the bad guy type - true... true... kaya nga magbabagong buhay na ako... i'll go for the boy-next-door type.

I personally think highly of those who initiate and show motives - hmm... sa tingin ko, dahil sigurista ang mga lalaki mas gusto nila na may hint sila kung like din sila ng girl... tingin ko nga hindi ako magkakaboyfriend kung hindi ako nag-hint =| mga kontento na ang mga loko sa parang kami na hindi =|

waah! hindi ko sinagutan itong sunday scribbles na ito kasi isang lalaki nga lang gulung-gulo na ako sa ugali, pano pa kayo iyong men collectively =|

timeenutlatte said...

Kim, I was right with the lavatory thing. For touch ups and gossips. Hehe. It's all good. Bad guy type guy..*sigh*. Hehe. And with my "in a non-disgusting way"..parang ayaw mo maniwala ah? Mwahahaha.

timeenutlatte said...

Marie: new life and prospects? Hmm..mejo mahirap na goal yan ah. Sana! Hehe.

"Segurista" I kinda agree or we're just really stupid. Haha. Minsan signs na pala gusto sasabihin pa ng harapan. Sabagay wala nga naman thrill kung there and there. Hehe.

First time you missed an edition. :'P