Saturday, July 12, 2008

Borrowed Heaven

Feels weird, but I’m not complaining. Right now I’m using my Tita’s laptop as ours is in a comma. Yeah, it sucks. It was last Wednesday night that I became part-caveman. While viewing some concept photos (promise) the computer suddenly loses power, turns off, and doesn’t wanna be resuscitated. Weird, really.

The IT guys at Mum’s office said it was strange because the unit should’ve given warning messages or those suspenseful beeps before losing power, but not one sign of it breaking down that moment. It’s either the battery (hopefully) or the motherboard, which makes it basically dead. *Sigh*

No, I ain’t technology-dependent, not that much anyways, but being in front of the computer beats boredom and indolence. So, it’s a good thing my tita does not use her Notebook that much and lent it to me at least until I get our fixed and healthy. I do hope it’s nothing serious. I already miss my files and my playlists and my settings there. Expect fewer entries from me in the coming days. My apologies in advance. Just really hoping that she be okay as soon as possible.

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Kadz said...

Much like overused. Hehe. Hope it gets "resuscitated" soon.

timeenutlatte said...

Iono. Probably. I hafta bring it to SM Megamall to be fixed. Haysh.