Thursday, July 24, 2008

Digital Love

And I thought I wasn’t technology-dependent. After weeks of not having my daily fix of Web access, I am suffering. No more sleepless night, literally, and that’s just bad for me. By midnight I’m already in bed, to the delight of my radio as our friendship is slowly being renewed. I’m just not used to not being able to peek to the so-called window of the world.

Sure, I have 24/7 access here in the office but it’s still different when your tinkering with your own unit (that sounded dirty!) And you can only do so much when you’re in the office (right?) My guess is, I hafta wait at least a week or two before our beloved laptop gets cured. And my tita suddenly needing her laptop that I was borrowing constantly doesn’t help the situation at all. *Sigh*

See, I take it back. I ain’t really that too much technology-dependent. I, for one, don’t even know about the basics of being a techie. But I am disappointed for all those missed ideas and topics that I could’ve written about. I had this idea for the perfect article for this event that I attended last week but that’s just it…it was last week. The idea wouldn’t be so fresh now, wouldn’t it? Sucks!

I wish those technician people calls this week and gives us good news, I really do. I won’t even be able to put the appropriate accompanying music with this entry. I’ll try later when I get home. For the meantime, I better stock up with some DVDs for me to regain those sleepless nights.

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Bairuz said...

Hmm.. the same thing happened to me, my dvd player. At least you only get to suffer for two weeks, mine was two months. LOL.

timeenutlatte said...

The agony and long wait is not yet over. Two months though is torture. Torture, I tell you, torture!!!! Hehehe.

VeeJei said...

Kamusta na lang kung walang proxy sa office? Eh siguro nanginginig-nginig ka na sa isang sulok niyan. Hahaha!

timeenutlatte said...

V..adik lang! Hahaha. Di bale okay pa ko! If I really need to (like my FHM album post) I just need to wake up earlier and go to my cuz's house. Hehe.