Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My pathetic side decided that today is the day that I refurbish myself with the theaters. And so I did. Mondays usually brings out the indolence in me. I really need to be motivated to get up and actually do something besides spending hours in front of Mum’s laptop. This Monday, I did. You see, its no secret that my rest days fall on Mondays and that kinda sucks on my part. Normal people start their week on Mondays, but not me. So, I gots to make most out of my free day, which is today, Monday.

Been planning to go to the theaters for a while now--also not a secret that I feel loser-ish when the subject of movie theater experience comes up. And I have not been in cinemas since February early this year--but somehow it is only today that that became a reality. Whatever motivated my lazy self, well, I thank it. “Wanted” kicks ass, hard! Action-packed, fast-paced, oh-my-god moments…definitely freakishly worth the ticket price. Will review the movie if I have time. Besides, this entry’s about Monday.

Met up with a couple of interesting people today. Upon exiting the cinema, I bumped into Ambrosia (not her real name) with a new guy, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Oh yeah. Exchange a couple of chit-chats and they’re off. Nice! Then it was Monette’s turn. I have not seen this sister from another mother of mine in months now. Complimented me by saying that I’m getting fat. Yes, that’s compliment to my ears. But, Monette being Monette went all classic and shared stories that won’t really count as happy ones: problems. Oh, at least I got to see her. And then, the piece de resistance, met up with Ong.

I’ve been canceling meeting up with this high school buddy of mine for a couple of weeks now. Something always turns up on them days that we planned to get together. But tonight, hey, why not? Ong’s feeling Italian so its aVeneto it is. It’s our comfort resto, you know. And it was like high school all over again. Our stories don’t really change every time we have this get-togethers but that’s the whole point of meeting up with high school friends, right? Reminiscing the good old days. Back then, we used to eat dinner at a resto and just hang there until it closes--tonight’s no different. So when the waiters gave us annoyed looks, its time to convey ourselves to a setting more conducive for conversations: coffee shops. Well, I was treated me for dinner, (thanks!) it’s only proper that I shoulder the coffee. More stories of our stupidity were exchanged and I found myself laughing so hard and enjoying every moment. I wish I can come up with a transcript of our tête-à-tête because I’m sure lots of people will relate to it, with some changes of course. One of these days, I shall write about “the good old days of high school.”

Monday. I love this Monday. This Monday, I considered the profession of being an assassin. I want to learn how to curve bullets. It was sort of an expensive Monday and I didn’t even get to buy my polo and slippers yet. Next Monday, well, we’ll see what happens. And did I mention I love this Monday? (--,)

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keem said...

aVeneto it is

Waaahhh tagal ko nang di nakakakain dyan. T_T Gusto ko ring manood ng Wanted. Hay. Sarap ng Monday mo. :)

Anonymous said...

Gusto ko ring manood ng Wanted.

Saw it with friends, but I didn't like it as much. Jolie is sexy as ever.


Great Monday indeed. Halatang kulang sa tulog, you're sleeping in the office. Haha.


timeenutlatte said...

Lots of memories that place. The first-ever Offline TRIP was held there. Sigh. Hehehe. Do watch Wanted. It's cool. I feel like anytime someone's goin to shoot me.

On Jolie: I feel like she's too good a character that it's not that exciting anymore. Kumbaga..sobrang galing lagi nung character nya, lugi yun kalaban. Hehehe.

And yes..so much reminiscing tends to tire you. Haha. Zzzzz.