Sunday, July 6, 2008

Think of Lia

Losing someone from resignations or transfer programs is one thing; losing them forever is a whole nuther story. Yesterday, before going to our office, I received a text message from Rosie. Very unusual since we don’t really exchange messages that much anymore unless it’s Christmas or birthdays. And what it contains left me in awe.

Hi, this is Ria. I received an email from Genn re: Lia Balacano. Genn works with Lia’s sis. Lia passed away in her sleep July 3. Her remains lie at Anthurium Room of Sanctuarium, Quezon Ave. and transferred to Bicol on Sunday morning. Please pray for Lia.”

The news came as a shock to me. Our batch was never really tight since after our orientation, we were divided into morning and night shifts and were scattered to every available LOB back then. We don’t even have a batch picture. But, we had some great times together. And Lia was one of those people who made our training days worth remembering.

Back then, all of us B-17s were assigned to Offline. Lia was the first one to be shifted to another LOB. She was moved to Specialty then Broadcast and stayed there. Majority of the Broadcast team work in the night shifts as their field requires it, so I really don’t get to see Lia that much when she was still with the company. The occasional hi’s and hello’s when I get to meet up with her in the morning when her shifts ends whilst mine starts, or vice versa. That was basically our routine for the next year or so. I never even got to say goodbye when she resigned. Last thing I heard about her before yesterday was she was in Bicol and taking care of their family business. Indeed, it came as a shock to all of us. Not only us Batch 17 people, but the whole former and remaining T&C family.

Lia Madeleine Balacano
We shall miss you.

From us, Disi-Siete: Maika, Arnee, Elgin, Rosie, Roi, Mau, Arlene, Genn, Mira, Ria Fe, Shei, Ginno, and Me, we thank you so much for all the memories. We will never forget you.

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keem said...

Shocking. How old was she? Ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng babaeng namatay sa bangungot coz it was usually the guys. Well, let's hope she's in a better place now.

Bairuz said...

Like I replied via text message, I was taken by surprise as well. I may not know her personally, but my prayers are with her. She's in good hands now.

timeenutlatte said...

KeeM: She's only 25. And yeah, come to think of it, ladies dying from nightmares ain't a common thing.

BairuZ: Yeah..thanks for that and for the prayers. I'm sure, like what Keem said, she's in a better place now.

angela balacano said...

hi! i googled my sister's name and found your blog entry. thank you so much for your heartwarming entry. naiyak talaga ako while reading it.

bdw, she didn't die of bangungot. she died in her sleep but due to a different sickness - pulmonary thrombosis embolism (a blood clot from her leg traveled all the way to the lungs and blocked her breathing. she died instantaneously. we're just thankful that she didn't suffer at all)

thank you so much for all the prayers