Thursday, July 3, 2008

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss It Goodbye

Exactly what I feel like chanting since last week…“Na Na Hey Hey Kiss It Goodbye”…to VTxt. I’ve had my share of resentments in the office but nothing compares to these evil three-minute messages. Yesterday, the first day of July, marks the end of all our suffering from VTxt as their contract expired and weren’t renewed, or something like that. Wahoo! I am freaking free.

You see, sure it’s good that VTxt means job security for our vertical, but the reason why we do what we do is because we don’t wanna take calls. VTxt is like taking calls only you the calls are recorded and generated into this whole voice capturing text yadda yadda yadda. Too complicated. We get the recorded message in text format and we edit that for whoever came up with the idea. No big deal right? Sure, but try doing that while accomplishing other tasks and these pesky messages just pop out in our monitors without any warning. Like I said, it’s like taking calls, queuing and all. And since the messages are inevitable, coverage must be 24/7. I became the Saturday afternoon guy for VTxt way back in March of this year. Even wrote about it: here. Basically, it means I cannot apply leaves during Saturdays as I am the only one who looks after the whole damn thing. But not anymore! Yay!

No more short breaks, constant checks on the monitor, early lunches, and so on. Best of all, no more pointless multi-tasking. Indeed, life is kinda good.

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Black Dove said...

Ooh... Expired contract, eh? So, what's next? I seriously wanna go back if things get better.

timeenutlatte said...

Hey, I ain't sure if it is indeed expired contract or cost-cutting or whatever the hell it is. The important thing is that ish finally over. Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo!
Things getting better, methinks, is but a dream for some. Then again, what do I know? Hehehe.

Kadz said...

Is this song any good? can't hear it dito. Wehehe. Too bad VTXT ended up the same way like the rest of our accounts did. I wonder who's next? Offline?

timeenutlatte said...

I'm pretty sure you know the song. It's one of them "behlat" hymns for teasing. Haha. Anong "Too bad" wag ka na! Fiesta na nga eh. Hmp!