Sunday, September 21, 2008


As far as I can remember, I have not desecrated any divine places or important shrines. So, why are my plans not going the way they’re supposed to be? In fact, they’re not going anywhere at all. Two times this week I was invited, and twice I was left hanging…alone! I hate it when plans do not push through. All the excitements you feel and investments you put as time passes by towards that moment, and then they cancel--no, cancellation would be polite; not saying if it did push through and they just decided they didn’t want you after all is just cruel. Maybe that’s not how it went down, I’m just over-reacting. Then again, who wouldn’t resort to disappointment and frustration? Well, why should I apologize for feeling that way? I was the one who got the short end of both sticks, right?

Like I said, September should be interesting. And it is. I just didn’t see it being all negatively interesting! No more “plans” for me, at least, for the mean time. I am so used to the word “umm,” excuses, and changes of thought; I’d pass out if someone agrees with me. Why do they have to be so elusive? And, seriously, why do I even bother?


odt said...

blue balls. :P

timeenutlatte said...

leche! wahahaha! (--,)

kadz said...

Twice huh? That must have sucked.

Blue balls?!? Bago yan ah. Heheh.

timeenutlatte said...

Like you didn't know that! Tsk tsk. Hehe.

Luma na yan. You know Odette and her catch phrases. Shame.. Shame!!