Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ode to September Borns 2008

Celebrate good times, come on! Like I said in my previous entry, September is supposed to be the most expensive month for dear old me. For the simple reason of the seemingly Bingo blackout-like calendar of mine--40 people I know celebrates the day they were born in this month. Anyway, here’s another “ode” blog to my beloved Virgoes and Librans. But, unlike the lengthy one last year, I’ve decided to compile pictures of them into a mosaic. Of course, I don’t have pictures of all of them available so we’ll have to settle for 28. Hah! Hmm…25 days out of 30. Still the same last year. I’ve added extra celebrants but still missing those five days. Nevertheless, let’s party!

(From L-R) Mom, Bes, Colo, Jairus
Lola Des, Lola Reggie, Ranz, Tita Wella
Leng, Cent, Paula, Baby Nicole
Ira, Anton, Carmi, Crish
Carl, Honee, Patty, Gimaru
Monette, Rubs, Rob, Daizie
Jai, Rosie, Norell, Kat

Happy Happy Birthday to all!!!

Not in picture: Lolo Teban (+), Tits (+), Chester,
Tita Baby, Tita Ellie, Tam, Winona, Tita Amel, Ms. Eloi,
Kuya Artson, Tita Leda, Tita Norie, Tita Teyette, Ire, Prof. Neil

Have a good one guys and gals. Cheers! (--,)

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