Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kelly's Baby's Father

Okay. So here’s the spoiler. As you know, I am a self-confessed TV show buff, geek, aficionado or whatever the hell sounds cooler than fan. Haven’t really written any review of this new spin off (wow…“new spin off”) of the 90210 franchise: 90210 (yes, let’s not make it complicated). But due to the nature of this scene and the characters involved…something like this, I just cannot let it pass. Once you get pass the “Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty acting like everything is A-okay after all those years they said it wasn’t,” you’ll feel the nostalgia and begin to reminisce about the good ol’ 90’s. Especially if their conversation in this clip involves divulging who the father of Kelly Taylor’s baby is (again, yes, Kelly produced an offspring, like no 20+ year old saw that coming). Seriously, I was close to hyperventilating upon watching the clip. Laugh now, but with my Ninang dreaming to eat at the Peach Pit back then, it made me realize, I was actually a fan of the original installment without even knowing it! And even if I didn’t agree with how the writers think and went with, hey, bringing him back would definitely put this show on the top. Just ask my lady friends! Sheesh! How I wish that the characters of Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor are the frontliners of 90210, not just hyped-up cameos. Drop the new kids (except Silver…I ♥ Silver **new crush alert**) and bring back the original crew.

And just because, I would go far as to say that...
My heading says it all
And that’s saying a lot! ♥

90210 = Love


Kadz said...


So the kids from the west coast are stepping up to the plate. =) I still prefer SUPERNATURAL though. Hehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Hey, did you know that West Beverly Hills High or the school that they use in the show is actually just a couple of blocks away from my cuzs' house in LA. True story! So when I decide to go there, I'll be one of them "West Coast Kids". Hoping to hook up with Silver. Harhar!