Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Of Epical Storms & Heartburns

Trinoma to shop, Greenhills to look for a particular present, Gilmore to get my camera fixed, Quiapo for obvious reasons, Robinson’s Place Ermita just because I haven’t been there for ages…these are my supposed to be itineraries for today, Monday. Yes, I know it’s impractical to fit all of these in one day, so I didn’t. I decided that Trinoma’s my best bet as it will carry all the things that I wanted to do on a Monday. Okay. I accomplished nothing. Figures.

But I did stick to my Trinoma plan. I decided to park my car first so that I’d save gas and parking fees, and riding MRT will get me there 30 minutes tops. Somewhere along the way, I met Edward. I invited him to accompany me and he agreed. Upon reaching the MRT station, I changed my mind and opted to just stay where we are: the undying Glorietta mall!

Three things I needed to accomplish today: 1. Buy present for Mum 2. Buy Eclipse paperback 3. Buy preppy cardigan. And, as expected, na-da on the whole agenda thing. My gift ideas suck, paperbacks are out of stock, and they no longer carry the cardigan that I want. It’s not like it took me that long to decide that I want that sweater. Is three months really that long? Haha. So, for safety purposes, I just bought the last book of the series even if I will not be able to read it yet. At least, I have the final book when the time comes.

And then, the ridiculous Armageddon-like rain struck Makati. Thousands of people are evidently stranded and one can actually see flash floods in the streets of the city. Scary, actually. I met Mum and titas at this Chinese resto as we wait for the rain and flood to settle. On the way home, Mum had an episode while I was cruising pass Magallanes, so we decided to stop by Shell Magallanes so she could recover. She started chilling and chattering and she felt kinda numb all over. Oh, man. I’m always calm on situations like this but her stubbornness doesn’t help at all. Good thing she had the affability to call my uncles and aunts for help. Upon their arrival, we decided its best to just rush her to a hospital, Makati Med, and we did. The result: heartburn and GERD. Tsk tsk tsk. Mainly because of stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Just goes to show how hard-headed she really is. Now it’s prohibition on almost 95% of all food. Oh, and this stupid doctor that we had to see because it’s a Sunday, prescribed her some meds that were in conflict with her heart condition and what she’ currently taking for it. Add that to the result and you get off to the hospital you go.

Anyway, everything’s fine. Next Monday, I’ll probably just stay home and just be boring. I could do without the epical storms and health hazards. Haysh. My rest day suddenly became a very st--rest--ful day. Maybe the Blessed Virgin is trying to tell me something. It was her birthday, by the way.


Kadz said...

Like out of nowhere it started to pour.. REALLY HARD. It was only after I took my dinner. I even had a smoke sa me Jolli and umaambon lang then. When I got back, sobrang lakas.

Hope everything's okay with your Mom. =)

timeenutlatte said...

That "rain" (the weather guy said it's no storm) really messed up lots of people. I hope no one drowned or got hurt from all of it. And the fact that these elemental forces are still here, sheesh, more perwisyo for everyone.
Thanks! She's fine. She's stubborn na ulet eh. :P

VeeJei said...

I guess the universe just wants us to experience what it feels like living in Forks... and some flood. Mwehehe!

timeenutlatte said...

Anong sabi ko? Tigilan na ang "Forks" na yan! Madami nang napeperwisyo! Wahahaha. Yeah yeah I know. But I think someone takes his "role" a little too seriously. Hehehe.