Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dynasty + Three = DynasThree

Season 84 NCAA Champions: The San Beda Red Lions!!!

My beloved Red Lions kept the crown for the third straight year.
A rare feat of grandslam of all sorts.
And I was there to witness how history was made.
Not much details on this post. Wait for that in the coming days.
(Just got home from the never-ending celebration in Mendiola)
This just a mere tribute for the best collegiate team around!
What a way to end September!

Animo San Beda!
Three-peat, baby!

Borrowed pic from Inquirer while waiting for uploads


Bairuz said...

I heard how great the after-game celebration was.. Good for you. A Four-peat?

timeenutlatte said...

Oh yes. Once Tatz and those people who-I-don't-really-know-but-had-cameras-then-and -I-was-in-their-shots uploads, I shall write the "after party" Oh, man! What a milestone!
Yes, a four-peat is definitely on the works. And of course, that much coveted feat that only UST and San Sebastian ever achieved: five-peat! (--,)