Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Tikim, Subo, Chibog, Lagok, Higop"

If at the sight of the first word of this advertisement makes you giggle, then you, my friend, are pretty nasty. Hahaha. I took this in front of my office in Makati and I swear, up until now, it makes me laugh in a disturbing kind of way. I mean, why would the advertising firm of a huge company like Pepsi use those words, which obviously is innuendo of several sorts? Simple, sex sells. Forget the hot girls in bikinis, beach setting, heat wave, etcetera. From this five creative yet weird words, the brand that the ad is for sticks to the market’s thoughts and never lets go. I won’t explain anymore what those five “interesting” words mean because I’m sure that the readers of this blog know what they mean, which brings me again to the fact that you, reader, is sick! Nyahahaha..Kidding of course!

Thank you, Erik, for noticing the ad, which really shows your true colors, and also, Claudine, for giggling right there and there when we just pointed out the ad. Tsk tsk. It took me about four words before I got the innuendo, which is not really an indication that I am saint. Why? Because up until now, I get kicks from just remembering it. Hahaha…

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