Tuesday, October 9, 2007

For Besh...

I am sure that in the long run, after all the bitterness and feeling of betrayal subsided, I will genuinely miss one of the most important girls of my life, my bestfriend. The good thing about how I view things is that I have lots of bestfriends, which, technically, defeats the purpose of the word “best.” And so? The Meriam-Webster publishers will not crumble if I use a word out of it s context. I have multiple views on having bestfriends. There’s your guy bestfriend, your girl bestfriend, your childhood bestfriend, your school bestfriend, your officemate bestfriend, and many more. This time though, I’ll be talking about my childhood girl bestfriend. Not my "Bes," she won't be leaving anytime soon, right? Please. Hehehe. But this one's the one with the "H", and she's Bianca. I have known Bianca ever since forever. I can’t even remember our first actual meeting, it was all hazy. I am sure that it was one of those “bring-your-child-to-work-day” thing and it was then that I got to know her. Being the arrogant kid that I was, (and still am), I never really paid much attention to other kids; but there was this lil’ girl who everyone adores and everyone smiles at. Tsss…I couldn’t care less. That is until she said, “Hi.” Now, I may be a lot of things but I’m never rude. So I said “hi” back and I’m sure we got into some childish conversation over nothingness but it seemed interesting back then. That was the last time in our childhood years I remember us hanging out. Although, I did saw a picture of us together on a beach somewhere, but again, I think someone probed into my brain and took my Bianca-memories. Hehehe. Fast forward to 2002, Eastwood, Libis. It’s been forever since I saw her and yet somehow our short-term closeness never really left us. No awkwardness, whatsoever. From then on, I had my girl childhood bestbud back.

You see, most people don’t believe that persons of the opposite sex wouldn’t co-exist together as “friends only.” If people knew us, then they would agree that we proved that norm wrong. That cliché, “finishing each other sentences,” may apply to our relationship and a whole lot more. She understands me; I understand her. And that’s that. No special feelings more than friends whatsoever. We’re beyond that, we both agreed. Besides, we know so much about each other that it’s kinda weird, if you think about it. She’s my younger sister from another mother. And, she’s totally into her current beau right now. I bet they’re making plans for tying the knot anytime soon. Especially now that she left to be with him.

Which is the real intention of this story: Bianca left for the states and plans on staying there for a long time. We never even got a chance to bid each other farewells, and I’m fine with that. I am never good at farewells. I’m more of a “See-you-later” kind of guy. But all of this came with a price. Her leaving was without the blessing of her love ones. That’s where all the feelings of betrayal come in. She never even looked back. But, the mere fact that she’s happy now, doesn’t really make it okay, but it’s a start.

A four-paragraph article about our friendship isn’t even the start of our story, it’s a mere farewell tribute and an explanation that I may feel betrayed, but I’m not angry. You promised you’ll be back, and although I never believe in the word “promise,” we all will hold on to your word. It’s not goodbye, Besh, more of a “catch you later.”

PS: A blonde or red head will help with my speedy recovery...Hehehe

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