Monday, October 22, 2007

Tag!! Tim's It...

A friend of mine, Kads, “tagged” me, and told me to blame a colleague of ours, Kim. What is “tagging” anyway? Isn’t that a game that kids play where they run around and catch other kids, and if they do, they shout “Tag, you’re it,” and the kid that was caught becomes the “it?” Apparently, online “tagging” is something like that. When a blogger is “tagged,” he or she needs to answer the questions that that the “tagger” asked him or her. Kim explained that you a “tagged” person answers the question basically with a blog. Simple, right? Kind of fun, too. From what I understand, there’s no limit to how many writers you can tag. But of course, it’s better to tag few people to keep track of their answers. Kads tagged me and asked me this question: “At your lowest point, whom do you turn to when you think there’s no one else left around but you?”

I would have to say: Timmy! Timmy’s the person that Tim truly trusts the most in this world of ours. (I’m using third-person because it sounds cooler…Hehehe) Timmy understands Tim very well that he needs no explanation or reasoning from him; Timmy just knows how to handle Tim. The question states that’s there’s no one else around but Tim, so Tim can’t really list down names whose shoulders one could cry on, right? But for the sake of being mentioned, Bes, Cy, Hannah, and the MeanBoys; these people were the ones who were around and who helped Tim get through some low points in Tim’s life.

Most people who encounter this question answer the Lord Almighty as the one they turn to; and technically, it is the proper answer. But I was never really that religious ever since, and people might say that my faith is kind of questionable at times. I believe in God and Christianity but I don’t know why sometimes I just get over trials and obstacles, and even lowest points, without really talking to our Maker and asking for guidance. Questionable is too strong a word to describe my faith, “lost at times,” I think, is more appropriate. Lord, please don’t smite me!

Kads is right, this is a “beauty pageant question” and it deserves a “beauty pageant answer.” So the next step would be tagging 13 individuals for reasons that they are active in writing and blogging. Tim tags
Bes, Meg, Cy, Leng, Ter, Talla, Kads, Odette, Vanessa, Jamie, Carlo, Mackoie, and Kimmy with the question that I got from One Tree Hill: “Think hard...on that particular moment, when all of your dreams comes true, and you found true happiness, who do you see standing next to you?”

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