Monday, October 15, 2007

"Gossip Girl"

Good looks + Manipulation + Sex + Drugs + Alcohol + Trust Funds = The Good life…
so to speak!
When these words are mentioned, I think of the social circles that most socialites youngsters today are running inside with, and it is also the subject and story of my favorite movie: “Cruel Intentions.” With all the fall shows that premiered in September, not one has yet to reach the Philippine shores. The US Network Wars are at it again, this time, giving its viewers a Bionic woman, a practice made private which resulted in a spin-off, Neanderthals in primetime (bit stupid, really), and a whole lot more. Not included from what I mentioned is a new show that features rich, young, good-looking socialites whose lives are entwined with each other and how they manage to cope with the pressure of “being rich and famous,” all of these narrated by a certain “Gossip Girl,” also the name of the new CBS show. “Gossip Girl” is based from a series of novels by Cecily von Ziegesar that tackles the lives of socialite young adults living in New York’s Upper East Side (where I plan to move, some day…hahaha) who goes to equally prestigious academic institutions while dealing with the formula I’ve written in the start of this text.

The story revolves around two BFFs, Blair Waldorf & Serena van der Woodsen, or more commonly known to the circle as “B” & “S.” Simple, Serena is the it-girl and everyone wants to be her; Blair meanwhile is the bitch and uses manipulation and power to get everything she wants. It wouldn’t be a recipe for disaster if there aren’t any boys to make their lives more interesting. Nate Archibald is this wealthy and the oh-so-perfect blond, and the on-and-off boyfriend of Blair, who really is in love with Serena, (and the character that makes my friend grab tissues.) Chuck Bass is the antagonist of our story who no one really likes but because of his good looks and thick wallets, people just accepts him for who he really is, a rich jerk who believes that girls are “conquests,” (my favorite character…idol!) Dan and Jenny Humphrey are brother and sister who aren’t really in the same circle with the first four characters, but nevertheless, play integral roles on the story. Other characters are yet to be introduced as I have only watched its first episode and never really finished any of its novels. The lives of our characters are documented and told by a certain blogger named “Gossip Girl,” hence, the nature and the title of the story.

This story is obviously considered as “chic” literature; so why am I writing and why am I so interested about it? Because I always enjoyed watching and reading about how these rich socialites think the world is so unfair to them and how they use their power and influences to ultimately get what they want, at all costs; the stuff that makes it all worth my while. Currently, the show is on its sixth episode and it was confirmed that it will be running for a full season with 22 episodes. Good thing that episodes are already available online as it has yet to graze our local networks. Viewers say it’s a cross between “Cruel Intentions” and “The O.C.,” now, wouldn’t you appreciate a story like that?

I had my share of living the good life but not to the extent of what “Gossip Girl” offers. How they run in circles is not that different from what we experience here in our local culture as don’t have Blackberry’s or blogs back in high school; but the same ingredients of control and the status quo are apparent, when you think about it. In the Philippines, family is what matters in the socialite world. I wonder, if I was hanging out with Nate and Chuck, and going out with B & S, would I be any different? I’ll probably be worst from what I am right now…Hahaha! The reason why the Lord didn’t grant me with blue eyes and chiseled features. It’s not like I’ll go after “conquests,” right?!?!

That’s what I love about freshmen, they’re so…Fresh!
–Chuck Bass

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