Monday, October 29, 2007

Forlorn Creature

When does one feel that he is longer wanted nor needed? When opportunities are passing by in front of you but you can never seem to reach it. When you are concerned about the well-being of everyone and yet they don’t trust you. When you are thrown into the graveyard for some ridiculous reason that you are the only person who can handle it. When they they tell you you're destined for greatness and yet they never really mean it. When you are transferred to some “opportunity-laden” project without even one measly heads up. When you are on your own even if your colleagues cares for you.

Oh, it’s just like vampirism. They suck you dry, every pint of your blood and worth. If they turn you into one of them, good for you; congratulations. But most of the time, they leave you to die and fend for your survival. Shrewdness, making you think that you are one of them but never really acknowledging any of your merits. Through the course of my stay, so many comrades have fallen and lots have fled to greener pastures. Will you really call them cowards? No, they’re the smart ones. They are not quitters but rather, they just sought out for cures and they probably found them.

For the whole month of October, the feeling of uneasiness never really left me. It’s like any moment; another change is going to happen in a single heartbeat. Fiends are lurking around and they are out to get you without any hesitations. They take away things that you consider precious and they leave nothing but emptiness and loneliness. I am nor scared or intimidated. But the fact that I’m not in anyone’s league right now and I’m by myself to survive in this jungle that we call work, doesn’t really help, at all. No bitterness, surprisingly. Just a lot of awkwardness and apprehension. Any moment now, the sun will shine and I’ll be dust. They half-turned me into one of them but never really sealed the deal. I’m more of a wandering zombie with no one to turn to and have but one goal in mind: survive.

Thankfully, even if I’m not in anyone’s team, some beings care. Friends are what they are. Gives you a reason to not succumb to the hunger and flee like those before me. A new month lies ahead, a better one? Grim chances. Nevertheless, it’s full of hope for a nomadic creature like myself.
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Kadz said...

Awooo.. Hehehe. Like I said, they should have done something to bring you back in. This is the E&E life. Sucks big time. Hehe. Oks lang yan =)

timeenutlatte said...

Scary metaphors and bloody words! I love it..Mwahahahahaha! It is okay..indifference prevails, man! I just live everyday like I am supposed to: be Tim-like!! >:)