Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hanging Out With Married People

Suburban houses, white picket fences, a Volvo or wagon, a retriever, Sunday brunches with homeowners association are just few of the things that I’m not afraid of but don’t want to have and experience just yet, maybe never. Well, at least that’s my point of view at the moment. Lately, I’ve been having these realizations that I’m slowly growing old. The people I hang out with are married and have kids. And when I’m with my college buddies, all they talk about is work and career plans! The last time I was with them, we celebrated the first birthday of our friend's daughter, which is also our "inaanak." That spells as being old and an adult, right? I’ve been hanging out with married people for some time now; they’re colleagues-slash-friends. Most of them have not yet reached that typical marrying age of 28-30 (at least that’s what the movies say). Hanging out with married people spells awkwardness for most single kids and young adults, but not for me. They just married young, so what? We don’t have the right to judge their decision, whether they’re happy with it or not. Mom raised me most of the time by herself and we never really have and problems with that situation. But during lunches, when they talk about family, bills, and marital problems, I can’t help but wonder, “Is this good for a kid like me?” Yes, kid. Duh, I’m 21 and single. Hearing all these rants and problems about the being-attached life is kinda scary for me. Their kids have just started going to school and the cost of education nowadays are rather ridiculous, yet it’s a necessity. Then again, when you see the look on their faces when their kids achieve something or topped the class or receive perfect marks and awards...are truly priceless (not to the point of envy…oh, please no!).

Being a parent must be really rewarding especially when your kids love you back the way you love them. Well, that’s what I hear and learn anyways. We’re five in our lunch group and I’m the only one unattached. Surely, I’ll be hearing my fair share of the married life. Sometimes they’re envious of me. I have my earnings for myself. I control my own time and go to wherever I want to. Date and reap benefits (which I ain’t doing at the moment). But as always, there’s balance in our situation. I may be able to do anything I want, but they do things with someone, a loved one. Envious?

Again, hell no!At this very moment, I’m not the marrying type (for reasons that I will not disclose as they may affect my future in dating...Hehehe). Keywords: “At this moment.” It might change. And I guarantee it will. I even started thinking on who I will choose as my entourage and sponsors, what that day will look like, color motifs I will use, music to be played…only the character of the bride’s hazy and blurry. But I have an idea on who will be next to me in front of the altar. For now, in my dreams, Georgina Wilson will play the part of the bride. When the day comes that I tie the knot with someone, that someone is the ONE. I don’t think I will make that mistake of marrying someone for all the wrong reasons. Someday I’ll be settling down with that girl who made me realize that being-attached is not such a bad deal after all. But for now, I love being able to do things my way and not hurting anyone in the process. Probably when I turn 28, and my “Great Masterplan” goes according to, well, as planned…

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