Monday, November 5, 2007

Café Mediterranean

I went all Greek last night and found myself dining in this small café aptly named “Café Mediterranean.” As the name of the resto states, its menu consists of Mediterranean food that is for us, of course, considered exotic. It’s not actually all Greek because I don’t think the Olympians were served kebabs during their time. Their dishes are fusion, I guess, from Middle Eastern cuisine.

I’ve been meaning to eat in this café for a long time now; I just haven’t had the chance or the opportunity to do so. Last night, after hearing mass with Monette at Greenbelt Chapel, I met up with mom and tita for dinner. They wanted something light for dinner and opt to go for sandwiches instead rice meals. Since, we’re already in Greenbelt and Glorietta’s a little unstable at the moment, I suggested that we go with Café Mediterranean as they serve sandwiches and other light delicacies.

It’s the perfect size for a café. Not too small yet may, and will, accommodate café-goers out there. I felt like wearing togas and reciting excerpts from Homer while I was choosing from their extensive Mediterranean menu. I decided to go with Hummus. Hummus is a spread with ingredients such as chickpeas, sesame, lemon juice, garlic, and a whole lot of olive oil. I just heard about Hummus just this week from a file I was working on in the office and I decided to try it out. It comes with pita bread for pure dipping enjoyment. I also ordered Pizza Margherita or pizza that’s simply made up of cheese, basil, and fresh tomatoes. It was served in thin crust form, which I prefer over them thick crusts that’s too filling. Mom and Tita opted to order chicken and tuna Gyros, or Greek sandwiches. It’s like Greek tacos and pita breads. Together with the chosen meat, its fillings include tomatoes, onions, veggies, and, believe it, French fries.

They don’t just serve sandwiches and pizzas; they also have rice meals and entrees such as lamb steaks and kebab dishes. They would certainly go great with those two special sauces that every table has in the café. One, I think may be guacamole, and the other, a spicy one that must sample with caution. And it’s not that costly, in my opinion. What’s a couple of additional pesos for something new and exotic experience?

What Timee loved: Food and ambience, made me feel like I was dining in some Grecian café with all the authentic decoration and furnishings.

What Timee resents: Oil. I know Olive oil is good for you and it’s the healthiest one, but too much of it made me all whoooooo!

Papers with dead presidents to spare: Between P150 to P300. You'll get a decent meal and a drink for two. Remember, it's a cafe, not a smorgasbord.

All in all, I have enjoyed my dining experience last night. Monette, next time, you come with us. Hehehe. This café will surely be included in “Timee-recommends” list. So, look for your Megaera or Helen, make like the Oedipus and travel to Greenbelt, sit at the tables outside, order falafels and some Baba ghanoush, some mint tea from Morocco, and dine like Grecian gods!

A “Happy Endings…” original review

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