Thursday, November 1, 2007

Inside Timtee's Wallet...

Ah, yes. Another tag. And an easier one this time. So don’t expect deep revelations and reflections with this entry. Just a simple tag question from my ghostly friend, Kads. “What’s in your wallet?”

If you really know me, you’ll notice that it’s really, really rare that I bring bags whenever I go out. Even when I was studying, my family often wondered how I got through schooling without any notebooks and books (but that’s a different story…hehehe). Bottomline, I just don’t like carrying things. Same goes for wallets. I’m more of a money-clip type of person than those bulky wallets, which really are small purses, me thinks. I don’t remember buying any of my wallets nor my previous ones. I usually get them as presents, especially in the Holidays. Showing in the photo are the two latest money holders that I’m currently using. One is a two-year old Girbaud wallet that my Tita gave me two Christmases ago. This one holds most of my trash, I mean, stuff that I don’t really need and must be sorted and cleaned. Girbaud don’t usually leave my headboard as I’ve said, I don’t like bulky things. The other, my “Magic Wallet,” was given by a friend. This is what I really wished for from my last birthday, so I literally made “kulit” to everyone. Na-da. Good thing my friend gave me one over summer.

Inside Timtee’s wallet, you’ll find: money bills, my driver’s license, credit cards (which I never use to the delight of Mom), Chinabank ATM (this one’s really important especially on 15ths and end of the month), some back receipts and withdrawal slips (which really composes most of its contents), used prepaid load cards, notes and slips of papers with important stuff written on it that I don’t know the purpose (hehehe), a St. Benedict medal and my Guardian Archangel birthstone coin (to ward off evil elements), old I.D.s, my Oishi wallet calendar, and pictures that I consider precious treasures. Those pictures are: my graduation photos (red toga, corporate, and creative shot…hihihi), a picture of me and my bestfriend, my cuzs, kada pics, and I haven’t had the chance to have a picture of my colleagues and me developed, but there’s a place for that in my wallet, swear.

There you go. All that it needs is a wallet-sized portrait of me and a significant someone. Wanna have that honor?

Oh, I almost forgot, I wanna know the contents of Bes’s, Hannah’s, Viveca’s, and Talla’s wallets!

Also available in "Happy Endings..."

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