Monday, November 12, 2007

Grams Diner

Cheeseburgers and bacon, and French fries with toppings, omelet and pancakes, and roast beef with gravy…these are a few of my favorite things! Tim went over to the Western side of life and found himself in a great American dining experience…at Grams Diner. You may not find waitresses in roller skates serving food in Grams Diner, but what you’ll get is good American food that is worth your hard-earned bread. This is actually my second time in Grams’ but since I was too lazy last year, it is only now that I have the motivation and means for reviewing it.

Grams Diner serves American-style food in an American-themed diner. Inside, you will find memorabilia such as classic movie posters of the Golden Age of Cinema. Gable and Leigh, the Rat Pack, Dean and Jerry, Brando in his famous white shirt shot, James in his ever popular motorcycle, the King in his signature strut, Marilyn’s appeal seductive as ever…and the likes. It’s a diner so expect a throwback to the 20’s to 60’s era. Even the interior is vintage-y with its red sparkly round stools at the bar and the utensils are kinda authentic. Truly, you’ll get a sense of nostalgia from just sitting there and having coffee.

The menu consists mostly of breakfast items with regular favorites such as pancakes, omelets, steak and eggs, breakfast sampler, and more. Mom opted to try out the Patriotic Bowls (P163.00), their own version of our “silogs,” with beef tapa, eggs, and fried rice served in a bowl. We wanted to try out the Never Empty Home Brew (P51.00), basically their brewed coffee but refillable. Yes, it’s refillable. It’s like music to my ears. But since we were having brunch and mom can’t take coffee unless its decaf, she decided to go for their hot chocolate (P40.00) instead. I chose their Fish Fritter set menu (P230.00). It includes fish fillet as main dish, sidings may be rice or fries or mashed potatoes, salad or soup, iced tea for drinks, and an added special, an after meal choice of hot coffee or hot tea. Now, that’s literally Breakfast of Champions. Mental note: eat at Grams when you are positively hungry. P230 may seem costly to many but the servings are probably good for two (except for Bedans, though).

Gots to give props to the service as they really know how to take care of their diners. Our waiter explained every detail I wanted to hear and yet too lethargic to ask. He even offered to take our picture when we were about to pay. Probably because he noticed me taking pictures of everything inside and outside of the diner. Kinda embarrassing, but hey, all worth it.

What Timee loved: The diner itself, its sense of nostalgia, the food was awesome and worth it, I feel like Jughead.

What Timee resents: Diners are not supposed to be located beside seashores.

Papers with dead presidents to spare: Around P100 to P300. You’ll be wanting to let your friends take you home because the food is really filling.

Grams Diner, yet again, is included in “Timee-recommends” list. I have always wished and wondered what its like to live in the 50’s era. I always enjoyed stories from my Iya when she talks about their life in those years. Can’t really say that Grams made it come true, but at least, I got that feeling of classicness, and I went home happy and filled.

Grams Diner is located at North Wing, Entertainment Mall, Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia

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