Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Rock and Rowl"

Really, really, really cool video of that Red Horse Beer commercial. It was a sort of tribute for Pinoy Rock so the "cast" of this ad are supposed to be Pinoy Rock "Legends" (obviously). The main man, who coined the infamous Pinoy "Rock and Rowl," Pepe Smith heads the rockers. Ely Buendia, Karl Roy, Basti Artadi, Reg Rubio, and Marc Abaya completes the cast. Some say though that some of the "Legends" are not Legend enough and not really worthy of being given the title of "Pinoy Rock God." Let's not reiterate who those characters are. Let's not ruin the awesomeness of this ad..."Rock and Rowl" kids! Yeah! \m/,

Red Horse "Legends" TVC


Kadz said...

I think only Pepe Smith is the only "legend" among the bunch. Looks pa lang, panalo na. Heheh.

timeenutlatte said...

"Legend" talaga..Tama ka! Looks pa lang..parang naaagnas na! Ahehehe..
Basti Artadi..fine with me! Even Karl Roy and Ely Buendia (bili na tayo album nun..lapit na madeds yun) are somewhat considered Rock Icons..
But Marc Abaya? Kahit kamuka ko yun..Wehehehe! Lagay dapat nila si Dong Abay and Jet Pangan! Si Bamboo din (ibang beer nga lang siya)..