Saturday, March 22, 2008

Black Saturday

It’s about 7:00 PM and it’s Black Saturday. Oh, and I’m in the office. And lastly, I’m all alone. Literally, all alone in the fifth floor. I’ve just finished watching the latest season of Lost and I currently don’t have anything else to do since I’ve watched most shows with new episodes the whole week. Nothing to do also as I think our foreign bosses are celebrating Holy Week. I thought they weren’t Catholics?

Yeah, I’m left alone to look after voice messages. Bit stupid, really. Just convert voice messages left by people to text documents, so that the recipients will receive it in their mobiles or emails. Hey, that’s technology for you. Okay, it’s not stupid. It pays the bills. But still, everyone’s out of town and happily having dinner or starting up bonfires at the beach and I’m stuck here in my seat.

Well, that’s it really. Our maintenance engineers constantly passing by my location and giving me that “what time do you get off so we could turn off the lights” look. Yeah, the company’s into this whole cost-cutting thing for some weeks now. And me being alone and consuming electricity’s not really helping them. Mwehehe. So, there. Just wanted to make a point that I am alone. Nothing more.

Edit: Its 11:00 PM. I just got home. I had to stay of an additional hour because those people who should relieve me came in not on time. Can’t blame them, who would wanna report to work on the eve of Easter? Still, I’m known as that guy who never renders overtime. Tsk!


Kadz said...

Now you have your own "Alone" blog. Mwehehe. For what it's worth, enjoy easter sunday!

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah..I think the Reliance guys want me to go. I'm wasting precious energy. Nyahaha.

Hey, thanks! Hope you had a good Sunday.

Technically, I wasn't "alone" that long. A certain someone went home around 6:30 so I was alone..with someone! Hehehe.