Monday, June 30, 2008

The Good Life

Took me a while before I realized that I had one of those awesome weekends. Well, technically, an awesome Saturday night, but for the sake of making that moment seem endless, I’ll be referring to it as the weekend. Last Saturday night was Paulooza 2008.

Paulooza (I coined the term) is “the” annual event that celebrates the birthday of our former OJT manager, Paul. Ever since we became friends with him, we were exposed to the finer things in life--corporate style. Yep, he’s our main man when it comes to swanky gimiks. Each year he gathers all his friends and colleagues and treats us to a hearty dinner. This time around, it was Myron’s Place in Greenbelt 5 that hosted our feast. And since, his friends and colleagues are kinda all married, dinner is the highlight of their evening. Not for us, kids. After dinner party is a must for him, and who are we to disagree. Destination: the hottest clubs and bars. This year’s no exception. He wanted to experience Alchemy and I am not about to say no to a Saturday night in that hot-patron-filled establishment.

Alchemy, as expected on a Saturday night, is jampacked with party people. Hot patrons, like I said, are everywhere. Aside from the occasional butch and trying hard socialite, every patron is indispensable. Whew. Good music (still have hangover from club music), beautiful people, overflowing booze, ViP status, what more can we ask for? How about one of those hot chics on the dance floor shakin their thang on us. Which, some of my buddies, were blessed with the opportunity. Good for them. I was in my “A” game that night but went home empty-handed (like that’s a surprise). I can think of “one reason” why. Heehee.

One more thing, Ron was present in this awesome night of mine. Awkward? Not one bit. I did get a 10-year supply of “ehems” and taunt coughs but I couldn’t care less. Yeah sure she’s my ex, but she’s also a good friend. Is there really a social norm where you can’t be friends with exes? If there is, screw it. I was never really fond of rules. I even broke the Bro Code on my first encounter with Cupid. *Evil Laugh*

Yes, yes, yes. Awesome indeed. After reading comments from friends from the pictures and resto review that I posted, it dawned on me that I had an “Upper East Side-like weekend.” To the point that V said I qualify for that expired Hampton’s thing. Hahaha. Yeah, come to think of it, for that span of the event, I was no different than those that you read from Cosmo or Lifestyle mags. Definitely, livin’ the good life!


Kadz said...

Good weekend indeed, and your pics on Multiply tell it all. Hmm, that friend of yours is very galante ha. Hehehe.

momikristin said...

did anyone tell you that you look like "Drew Arellano"? :)

timeenutlatte said...

Kads: Well, it was a night of sorts, man. Needed my wingman more than ever. Hahaha. And I'm sure we can surpass that with our own lil group. Thing is, we probably won't have that magnitude of means for a night like that. Hehehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Hallo MomiKristin. Actually, yeah. I forgot who..minus the glasses and the Australian VJ girlfriend. Hehehe.
Thanks for droppin by. (--,)