Monday, August 25, 2008

Song Bie Beijing; Good'ay London

As China tries to solve their problem on what they’re going to do with all that Olympic-related buildings and memories from the last outing, here’s my two-cents worth on the first Olympics that I really paid attention to.

I love sports but sports never felt the same way towards me. So, the next best thing would have to be watching it from the sidelines, and that, I did, for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Greek gods are smiling side-by-side with Buddha after witnessing what may be one of the most successful Olympics in history. I wouldn’t know, but for me, score one for China! From the magnificent and left-our-mouths-hanging-open opening ceremonies, to the games and events themselves, to the turning over of the torch to the once ruler of the world, England--pretty damn memorable to me. Yes, London plays host to the 2012 Olympics.

The Philippines, as expected, went home proud. Empty-handed, but proud. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our campaign sucked more this time around than the previous one as not one athlete got pass their respective first rounds. But hey, the Filipino people are still very proud of your accomplishments. Olympics is still Olympics. It’s not a lost cause, our journey for that Olympic gold that is. If Mikey Phelps achieved that “Great Haul of China” and set new world records while he’s at it, then nothing is impossible. Another thing worth mentioning is that the “Redeem Team” stayed true to their moniker by defeating World Champions Spain for that much-coveted Olympic gold. Their women’s team also won and took home their fourth consecutive gold medal. Shades to Lisa Leslie who I’m sure will be retiring from the Olympics. She had a good run--4 golds in 4 Olympics! More importantly, USA are yet again, basketball gods.

All in all it was a good 26-day run for Beijing. In the end, whatever the outcome of the games may be, the important thing is that world kept the Olympic spirit alive. Nations didn’t forget what they came to China for: camaraderie and sportsmanship. Now that the Olympiad has just begun, us Filipinos need to prepare for what London holds for the world.

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Kadz said...

Cool, you finally got the time to write an Olympic review. "Great Haul of China," I like that. =)

Yeah, hopefully in London, we'll snatch one of them medals. It'll be best, if we'll be there to witness it live, fingers crossed. B-)

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah yeah. Thanks. I won't take credit for that though. I read it somewhere, from the news I think. Very appropriate. :D

Now you're talking. Let's go to London to visit the Queen. Haha. Just like Rubs did. Haysh..I do hope! (--,)