Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Winning!

What a totally sucky day on the sports side of this country. Yes, honestly, no foreigner, in his or her right mind, will bet on our country’s delegates to bring home the gold; but we Filipinos think otherwise. Our lone boxing contender for the Olympics, Harry Tañamor, fought for, what could be, his last chance in the Olympics to make our country proud. Outlook: good chances, probably cream that Ghanian guy in two to three rounds. Result: frustration.

Manyo Plange, that Ghanian guy, supposed to be a warm-up match for our golden boy, broke every Filipinos’ hearts by upsetting Harry 6:3 in 16 rounds. Heart break is an understatement. I’ve always hated boxing (or maybe I just didn’t get it). Two people punching each other with goals to knock out their opponent. What’s the point, really? But if it will provide glory to our country, then that’s a whole different story. I’ve been watching this TV special about our 15 Olympians and in Harry’s segment, they’ve shown what a champion is. He is a champion! World-class, family-man, humble and modest, not like that other guy who lots of people consider a “Philippine Hero” just because he wins multi-million corporate matches and looks ridiculous. Yeah, I’m talking about our flag-bearer, Pacman (in disgust). Sigh.

It doesn’t end there. Mark Javier single-handedly tried to represent Philippine Archery in the Olympics but he succumbed to the Chinese-Taipei archer in the first round. Our swimmers didn’t fare well either. All five of them, including SeaGames 2007 Male Athlete of the Year, Miguel Molina; who, by the way, didn’t finished the day with disappointment as he and fellow swimmer, Christel Simms, broke personal and national records. One of our three best bets, Harry, is out; Tshomlee and Toni, it’s all up to you two.

And finally, to conclude my depressing entry…more losing. My beloved Red Lions yielded to the textbook basketball strategy of the Mapua Cardinals: 53-48. Was working so I relied on online updates so I really can’t give full details, and I really didn’t wanna raze my spirits further by watching the replay. The Bedan community’s take: bad coaching, over confidence, bad luck. Sheesh. The Red Lions are now 6-3 and is currently 3rd in the standings. Still, I know the Grandslam dream is not just a “dream.”

Wow. My sports spirit is really crushed today and I didn’t even broke a sweat. May the coming days be excellent for our remaining Olympians and my Red Lions.

P.S.: Michael Phelps, U.S.A.’s true-to-life Aquaman, smashed several records and brought home two more gold medals (which makes five) for his country today, just like that. He already broke the Olympic record for most number of gold medal wins...and he’s not even done. The succeeding days after tomorrow, he’ll be competing in three more events and he aims to bring home to bacon on those too. Talk about under-achiever. I salute you, Mikey. And if you ever want to consider, our country’s offering you your own Philippine passport and you don’t even have to suffer through long lines for citizenship. Hehehe.


Bairuz said...

Yeah, it's a disappointment. the olympic gold is but a dream now? It has been so elusive since the beginning of the olympics. I hope our taekwando jins do better. it doesn't matter if it's no longer gold, as long as its a medallion from the 2008 games, we'd sttle for that.

Michael Phelps, unbelievable. i'll write an entry when he wins all 8.

timeenutlatte said...

Dream, perhaps, but I still believe in our jins. I really hope they show the world that we do deserve gold!

Hehe..that's my ode to Mikey. I'm rooting for him to go 8! (--,)