Saturday, August 2, 2008

She’s Alive

She’s alive!!! Got our laptop back, finally. Waited for like three weeks or less methinks. But it’s okay. They had to replace her motherboard which is probably the worst case scenario for all us laptop owners. No worries, it’s Mum’s, so it’s her problem. Hehehe. Actually, she was more excited than me when she found out that it was all ready for pick up. Now, she’s hogging all the online time with her games and applications. Fine! It’s hers anyways. I’m just really happy that everything worked out well.

I missed lots of those “online good times” in that span of three weeks. Sure, I got to borrow my Tita’s laptop but I can only do so much with that. I can’t even write properly there probably because I ain’t used to it. Needs getting used to. No more complains. Like I said, I’m happy the laptop turned out fine. Mum can use it anytime and I won’t whine. At least, until I run out of my daily fix of Melinda Gordon. Hehe. Yes, that’s what I have been doing to entertain myself while I was living the life of a caveman. Still have lots of season two episodes to keep me company. Yeah!


Kadz said...

i was secretly praying that you'd wait two months.. wehehe. kidding. good thing you're back "online." and let me borrow melissa gordon after you're done with her. Heheh.

timeenutlatte said...

It just goes to show how swell you are. Hehehe. You cannot use divine presence on me. >:P I have my ways. Thanks thanks! And sure..Mel's all yours after I'm over her. Wahahaha!