Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is a super special day…and I didn’t even realize it till this afternoon when O publicly announced that one should do something special today (knowing O, let’s not ask what). August 8, 2008, or if you wanna be more dramatic: 08-08-08. What happens on this day that people are saying will happen only once-in-a-lifetime? Truthfully, nothing…at least nothing special for me. It’s just that ever since, my favorite number is the number 8.

Lots of speculations and beliefs surrounded the days leading to today. They say this year is supposed to be a lucky year as we’re going to experience a trifecta in numbers in one date. I was just watching the news and they featured a lot of mass weddings and newborn babies. People are so gullible, I mean, superstitious. But it wouldn’t hurt to have some special moment or experience to remember this momentous day, right? Like, say, getting together with that special someone. Hehehe.

08-08-08 also marks the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which, as of writing, is still being shown live on TV. Watched the first part and I was really touched and left in awe. China kicked Atlanta and Athens’ behind when it comes to celebrating the sporting event. But I’m saving my two-cents worth about the opening for tomorrow. It’s all about the eight, baby! After all, eight is said to be the infinite number! Cool, huh! (--,)

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