Sunday, August 31, 2008

E is for Envy over Eraserheads

People might say that I have no right to write about last night as I wasn’t even there. As if my being color green isn’t enough…but everywhere, everybody’s talking about, what it seems to be, the event of this year, possibly, this century: the Eraserheads Reunion concert. Okay, so I won’t look like an idiot, I won’t go into details. As always, just my two-cents worth.

The reunion rumors started ever since they disbanded but was strengthened last year. As early as the last week of last month, different means of acquiring passes, tickets, inclusion in guestlists are circulating around the web…all with one common denominator: they’re free. After a tobacco company decided to sponsor the whole event, things are looking good for every fan out there. Until the moralists decides to rain on our parade and forces the company to pull out of the event as they are not being good role models. Please! With just a few weeks remaining, news reports are inconsistent. Some said it’s canceled, some said it will definitely push through. Well, I didn’t exactly lose my interest, but I just didn’t make the effort. Big effing mistake!!!

August 30, 2008, The Fort open grounds, 8:00 p.m. What many thought to be impossible and will be but a dream…became a reality. The Philippines’ Fab Four: Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro, and Raimund Marasigan, graced the stage once again, together, and performed as The Eraserheads. In true rock fashion, the E-heads prepared a two-set session with 15 songs from each set and a 20-min interval between. Sure the concert was cut in half as Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital for stress and fatigue (the guy underwent heart surgery last year and his Mom passed away last Thursday and he played for two hours or so, straight), nevertheless, “surreal” was the word people used describe that night.

Lots of my friends were able to score VIP passes, so I can imagine their experience. And I didn’t have to. They were more than willing to rub it in my face last night as I settled for a session with them after the concert. Amidst their long faces and disappointment, I can see that witnessing half of this glorious event was more than enough. The trio of Gemm, Eunice, and Odette (yeah, they clicked…haha) related to me every detail of the concert from the magnificent countdown to the celebrities beside them to what bitin feels like. And then we learned that the rest of the E-heads decided to hit Saguijo to continue their reunion by playing some songs from their second set, with Aia De Leon of Imago and the Dancel Brothers taking over vocal duties. We could’, we should’ve been there. Double sigh! Yes, I’ll shoot myself now. Now, I’m settling for clips from YouTube and blogs from people who were lucky enough to be there. Stupid, stupid indolent me.

To the rock gods, if there is going to be a Part 2 of this One-Night only event (hah) rest assured that I will be there, whatever it takes. Please let there be a part two. Trust me, I will not miss it. \m/

Pics from Odette and Eunice


Kadz said...

Naku, my prof is nangiinggit and she wasnt even able to use her SVIP. Apparently, she was both on the VIP and SVIP list. Sayang, bka transferable ! B-(

timeenutlatte said...

Oh come on! That is not just fair. Celebrities and commoners alike are together in one place, and they only got "one" green bracelets as passes. SVIP. Hay..I'd be near the other bands. Hehe. You go ask! \m/