Friday, August 1, 2008

A Vain Attempt

Well, I tried (did, actually) but apparently, I ain’t that ready to play the part of a soundtrack director. For the past month, July, I experimented on my entries. It’s so obvious…I went all Grey’s Anatomy episode titles and attempted to use songs as titles to my blogs. Simple, right? Yeah, tell that to my measly seven posts. I had lots of ideas that I wanted to write about but for some reason, I cannot find the appropriate song to accompany those thoughts. Yes, that sucks!

I’ve always thought it would be easy. I mean, there are millions and millions of song compositions. It’s as easy as one, two, three. How wrong I was! But, I still love my idea. July was my guinea pig for that idea. While I wanted the whole month to go through as planned, it didn’t. So, I ain’t completely abandoning the concept. I’ll still use songs for titles of my entries, but not to each and every article.

Oh, and I have another excuse for the pitiful amount of my posts: our laptop is in a coma for almost a month now so really, no means of writing! Hehe! That’s about it. It’s already August. How time sails.


Kadz said...

You can use Umbrella's Pinoy version for a "rainy" post. Sabi nga ng post ni VJ: Ayong, ayong, yong, yong. Wehehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Or that Tagalized version of "Smack That" of Akon. The damn song doesn't wanna leave my head! Haysh!

keem said...

Hmm. Nice idea. Not sure if I wanna try it too, though. I'd drive myself crazy with all the songs I like hehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Keem: Thanks! Actually, it's not that hard. Like I said, millions of songs out there and for sure one would find an appropriate one. The thing is, I have these particular songs in my mind that I wanna use for titles but I cannot come up with an idea for the entry that will go along with those. Hehehe. Labo!!!