Sunday, October 26, 2008

Almost Woohoo!

“Woohoo!” - Used to show excess joy in response to a situation.
It was a night of almosts. I wrote how Saturdays usually suck for me, so yesterday, I thought, would not be an exception. An hour before I get off work, a buddy SMS’ed me with an invite: dinner and after dinner party within the area. Oh, joy! Good thing I was in the mood for some late night gimik, so it wasn’t really that hard to convince myself. When I reached Greenbelt, there they were. The gang, which I purposely will not disclose due to the nature of this entry. Hehehe. Yep, they’re all there, and I mean all. One girl in the mix, which I wasn’t expecting but couldn’t care less. After much deliberation on where the after dinner party should take place--Okay, guys, what’s the plan?

Cutscene to Alchemy. Yeah, Alchemy…the boys’ comfort zone, their own personal happy place. Well, like I said, not hard to convince meself and I do love Alchemy, so besides parking problems, what could possibly stop us from partying there? 1989 borns. The establishment is hosting an event for these school kids. It’s not a private one, but who’s really stupid enough to enter a club where its patrons already know one another? I’d like to see one hook up without looking and seeming like a douche. The solution: session it is. Please let it be somewhere in Quezon City, please! (*wink*) No, Gerry’s it is. After a tower of brewsky and some possibly fatal chicharong bulaklaks, the night shifts to a “Boys’ night out,” if you catch my drift.

Cutscene to Quezon Avenue: the metro’s very own Vegas strip minus the gambling but all the legal consummation at everyone’s disposal. Again, I have no qualms whatsoever if they want to be human beings. I may not agree, but I ain’t the hindering kinda guy. So, whilst I drove home our rose among the thorns and passed by the house that I hope to pass by and go to more often (hehehe) the boys were scouting for the mothership. Their first stop: the establishment named after Hercules’ adorable and charming flying unicorn. But what they had to offer did not tickle my friends’ tastebuds. So off to the next: what you call your friends and kids if you’re in the same class together. Now here, wow, it shook the foundations of my beliefs and viewpoint on this subject matter. Oh, wow! But thank the heavens for expensive rates and time limits. Whew. But these are red-blooded males. Nothing will stop them if they set out to hunt. Beside the expensive spot, lies this new foundation, a wing or annex if you will. It’s so new that you can actually still sniff the fresh paint off the walls, it’s cheaper, and they definitely pressed the right buttons of my companions. Again, I was saved. Gratefulness goes out to being late that all the “good ones” are taken and what’s left are not worthy of shelling out hard-earned pesoses. The night ended with a plan for next time. We should be early, it should be all boys, and be ready for anything. Whatever you say, boys!

Why are these places named after the most wholesomest words?

Almost Woohoo! I am a firm believer of “Why pay for things that you can get for free?” Up to the point before we went to that new place, it was classic me who was prevailing. Sure, I’ve been to places like that but never sampled what they had to offer. It was always me and this friend enjoying the good food that our host ordered for us while they keep themselves busy. Take your time, guys, the roasted chicken and calamares are better lovers than the one you’re with anyways. But last night, if it weren’t for the circumstances, I would’ve lost it. I already went all technical and thought, “Yeah, I still don’t believe in paying for that, but I ain’t shelling out anything. It’s free! So technically, I’m not demolishing my beliefs.” No, I don’t agree with this certain literary vampire character who everyone loves about his belief that those acts are supposed to be special. I’m sorry but that sounded gay. It’s just that it’s better if it’s a conquest, right? Challenging. See, I’ve been known to give good intros and interesting bodies of stories, but my endings will usually make you go, “That’s it? Nothing happened? Sheesh!” Hahaha! Although, next time, it might be a different story.


VeeJei said...

No, I don’t agree with this certain literary vampire character who everyone loves about his belief that those acts are supposed to be special. I’m sorry but that sounded gay.

I told you, he's gay. Hahaha!

Oh well. At least you get to see some hot "classmates". Hehehe! "Woohoo" pa rin naman... but almost. LOL

timeenutlatte said...

I seriously believe he might be. I mean, no dude is that perfect and sensitive. Haha. At umuurong sa mga ganung moment? Ahahaha. Sabi nyo nga, "Let's take it slow.." Buti na lang perfect sya or else sinakmal na ni girl the next available guy! Hehehe.

Ah well, yeah. They are indeed Woohoo-worthy. But I still prefer those patrons in Alchemy. Not easy but they're trophy! (--,)

keem said...

ZZZ! Bo-ring! =p

Kadz said...

“Woohoo!” - Used to show excess joy in response to a situation.

Ever since VJ said that the word "woohoo" is used differently in Sims, it has now come to connote something about... hehehe..

Seriously, NOTHING HAPPENED? Will wait for that "next time." ;)

timeenutlatte said...

Keem: Hmph! I have no dreams of living up to your expectations. [-(

Woohoong-woohoo na: Woohoo! You in? Me & V are planning to start up this business: "Woohoo KTV & Massage" with its tagline: "Woohoohan na!!" It's gonna be a hit, I tell you. With billboards and ads all over the metro and political figures will surely frequent the place. Hehehe.
Anyway, woohoo is great and everything, but hopefully not like that. The whole going there is good though for those "Happy Thoughts" and positive thinking! Hahaha!

odt said...

raising the stakes higher? haha!
tsk tsk quezon city ha.
at walang maganda sa pegasus?
the last time na nagawi ako sa lugar dyan, because of a gig, mind you, wala nga, sabi ng barkada ko.
but still, woo-hoo paren yun.
and yeah, late na. haha!
better luck next time, then. ;-)

timeenutlatte said...

Until I say so, the only girls you talk to are the ones I paid for.
I was with Bart Bass that night. Nyahahaha! I wouldn't know with Pegasus. I was drivin elsewhere. Dun na ko umabot sa accompanying pictures. Plush sofas and cool restrooms, mind you! Yes, a woohoo is a woohoo! Nothing shall change that. But woohoo-ing someone unexpected is the best woohoo there is, right?! (--,)