Friday, October 3, 2008

Go Reproductive Health Bill!

Please join our signature campaign to prevent the Reproductive Health Bill from being passed by Congress…” Bleh! I’ve been hearing this line every Sunday for a month or so now from our priests here in our parish. No. I have nothing against religion. I can safely say that I’m a Catholic, just not that devout like my family is. And that, probably, is the reason why I think the moralists preventing the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill is just utterly ridiculous.

What? You want more people in our already over-populated archipelago? Do you not trust your kids to do the right thing? (Hmm…not really a good argument. Haha.) Those who came up with the bill are just being practical and right. It’s the freaking 21st century, unless the Church will launch a crusade like it did in the medieval times against horny people, mankind will have sex--protected and planned or not. Might as well be safe while doing it, right?

What about the sanctity of marriage? I don’t wanna go there. Frankly, I don’t wanna go up against the super scary forces of those old women in blue uniforms (not hypocritical at all) and the equal rights for everybody groups. I’m just keeping my mind open for what the RHB can and will do for us. So, please, spare me from the campaign against sex bill. It’s not even fully about sex. Unless, it’s a line for a guest list…I ain’t signing nothing!!! (--,)


keem said...

Morality vs practicality. Me goes for practicality. It's it's not even immoral, at least to me.

timeenutlatte said...

Iknowright! Not to say that we're just young people who couldn't care less. Hey, we do! Just that..the "cause" of these moralists are just totally screwed up. Tsk tsk.

Kadz said...

I come from a big family. Ok nman, and I would not change anything to have not any of my siblings. Pero at this time and age, given the economic circumstances, for the future parents, i think it's best that they plan the number of children that they'll have para each will be given ample opportunity to grow and get the best out of life.

timeenutlatte said...

What you said, Amen! Hehe. Yeah yeah. Hey, if the kids grow up as good citizens naman, why not right? Just a matter of if those people concerned are able and know what they're getting into! Hence, the RHB! Harhar.
Not plugging or encouraging the deed! :P