Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Morning, Timmy

Today is going to be a long day. I just know it’ll be. Why? Because it’s one of those super rare times that I am awaken very early, and I mean early. I even had breakfast. Yes, a real hearty breakfast meal, and got to read the papers! Weird! For the past few days, weeks even, I’ve been deprived of my true love: sleep. It’s like there are these forces that wakes me up even before my alarms does their jobs. It’s not like I’m excited or anything. No. I cannot think of one good reason for excitement of that magnitude to keep me conscious longer than usual. No. Then what is it? Beats me.

Got about four hours of sleep. For some, four hours, already a luxury, but like I said, I’ve always been the play hard; sleep harder type of guy. And this mini hangover is not really helping. Where are them Biogesics when you need one? Last night, till early dawn this morning, was Z’s birthday bash. Crazy never-on-Sundays song selections and one bucket later, I was speeding home: 20 minutes, all it took from España to home. Stupid! What was I thinking? (Allo, I’m Lindsey Lohan!) Thank the Man upstairs I got home in one piece. Never again!

Well, there’s always my trusted Tylenol PM. Surely, this is a job for those little tablets of dreamland. But then again, I’m thinking productiveness. On my mind: early Christmas shopping for those people who matter; buy presents for Ninong and Z; actually go back to Quezon City to have my camera fixed (been dead for several months now); finish the final book in the series that I’m reading; or (my personal fave) go indolent! I’m thinking option number five! It’ll probably prevail anyway. The gifts for Ninong and Z comes in second as I really want to give them something special for their birthdays which is today. Let’s see. For the mean time, since it’s still early, I’ma go all classic me first! Oh, by the way, I’m home alone, at least until night time. So, I was thinking, a sixth option? [Evil Grin] (--,)


keem said...


timeenutlatte said...

HMPH! Thank you for stating the obvious, Kimberly! Ahahaha! See, as expected, I'm still in front of the laptop..doing nothing! Harhar.

Kadz said...

Gift for Z...?? You guys are getting closer na ha. =)

timeenutlatte said...

I've always been the generous type you know. Harhar! Somethin to remember me by, alto I am impossible to forget but I'm kinda hard to remember. Naks! Anyhoo..I don't think presents are in the picture for now. Magastos ang change sched natin today. Wahahaha!