Thursday, October 16, 2008

Suburbs & Saturday Nights Suck

The suburbs suck…and so does Saturday nights! Yes, it’s only Thursday but I cannot think of anything to write about and video streaming is becoming a bitch, so, the suburbs and Saturday nights suck. Let me explain. Friday and Saturday nights are supposed to be fun and nonstop partying till the break of dawn. Friday nights, not so much as I have work on Saturdays so I can’t really go all classic me during the night before the weekends. But Saturday, well, should be a whole different story. (I so miss the Friday Club) My last working night of the week, supposed to be, and what happens after shift? I’m home by 10:30. Go on, all together now, the “L” gesture on everyone’s forehead.

My solution: house parties. Will it work: count on it. Feasible: most likely. When: never. What’s wrong with the suburbs? Well, minus the pretentious homeowners, nothing really. It’s just that I’ve been a resident here for three years now and I can shamefully declare that I, yours truly, do not have any neighborhood friends. There I said it. Our community consists of kids and young people whose age ranges from toddlers to teenagers; and the majority, adults. For some reason, the twenty-something demographic count is one: me.

Wisteria Lane minus the hot housewives who’re desperate

Good thing my two teenage cousins live five cartwheels from my house. Or else, I’d lose my sanity from being surrounded by hell spawns and ancient creatures. Still, they’re that, teenagers, and they have their own groups and friends. (Can’t hookup with anyone in their circle as I am guaranteed to go to jail if I do) I’m so envious to this particular neighbor who hosts weekly Saturday night sessions with her friends and kada. What’s stopping me? I tell people where I live and they’re all of a sudden busy. No, I don’t live in the projects, au contraire, me dears. But Paranaque’s not really commuter-friendly. I, myself, hate riding public transportation from and to our place. But however boring or uneventful living here, this is still my home and I’d probably think twice when an opportunity to move comes knocking at my front door. Unless, of course, we get to have our old house in Manila back. Mean time, Saturday nights will continue to suck for an indefinite period of time. (--,)


Bairuz said...

Can’t hookup with anyone in their circle as I am guaranteed to go to jail if I do

Wehehehe. Di naman obvious that you're "old" na, according to you =)

odt said...

why not be friends with your neighbor "her"? :->

timeenutlatte said...

Shaddap. They're called "jailbait". Nyahahaha!

"Her" has a huge athlete boyfriend. I rest my case. There's this chinita neighbor once. She moved. Tsk tsk. Me and my Ninong were very observant then. Ahahaha.

odt said...

mere observants or just plain perverts? tsk tsk.

timeenutlatte said...

Me? Having that "hot neighbor" dream sequence? Never. Hahaha.

VeeJei said...

Hmmm... Alam mo wala din akong friend sa mga neighbors namin, at 9 years na ata kami dun sa bahay namin.

Oh... wait. Si Wilma Doesnt ata can be counted as friend. Hehehe!

timeenutlatte said...

Lalo na nung nasa Manila pa kame. I wasn't even allowed to go outside to mingle with the neighbors. But I kinda agree naman with that rule. Bambang's not really the type of neighborhood with adorable kids and polite children, au contraire! Katakot! Ahahaha. have a celebrity neighbor din nga pala. Dito si Dominic Ochoa tsaka yun sister ni Joko Diaz, and Vandolph used to live here. Nakakainuman ng mga Uncle ko yun. :P