Monday, December 17, 2007

Charley's Healed!

Drifting. A very dangerous kind of street racing. This blog is not about it. It’s one of my must-do’s though in the future. But the topic of my article involves cars. My car, “Charley,” particularly. Charley is a 1994 Toyota Corona that my Lola Tits (+) gave to me as a present before she passed away two years ago. The car’s broken it needed fixing. This morning I woke up very early as today is scheduled “fix-my-car” day. The last time I used the Batmobile was in October, that was until she turned on me and decided to die in the middle of Kalayaan road causing horrifying traffic and very rude greetings towards me. Anyway, me and Mom invested quite a lot now with Charley. As expected, she had lots of breakdown moments, probably because she already were previously owned by someone when Tits (+) bought it for me. But it don’t matter. I love her all the same. Back to the point of my story.

Since this time, the problem lies with the ignition, we really can’t bring the car anywhere. Good thing that my Ninong enrolled me with AAP (Automotive Association of the Philippines). They provide service for people who are experiencing auto-related problems. And, it’s free. So we called them up and requested for their towing service. I hoped that it would be one of those flat-bed types but the big, yellow ordinary tow truck did just fine. I’m bringing Charley to Howa, our mechanic. He’s been working on family and ancestral cars ever since forever. The only drawback is, I reside here in Paranaque whilst his auto shop is at Quezon City, hence, the towing. The trip was, well, bumpy and it felt weird as I was thinking that any moment the cables and support will give, making the car crash, or it’ll roll down when we’re going upward. But we managed to safely transport her without any scratches whatsoever. The diagnosis: ignition coil was really busted, the fiber-thingy was already broken, which is the root of all these not-starting. Three hours later and lots of fun conversations (and awkward personal questions about the ex because she lives a block away from the auto shop so they know her) with the mechanics, she’s alive and kickin’. Oh, yeah! Charley also needed an oil change as it’s already due, and we added Freon because the air conditioning is quite useless.

After all the mechanical things and more uncomfortable questions, she’s ready. To cut the story short, she’s healed and I’m feeling like King of the Road again. Oh, I passed by Bench Fix Hair Salon, Glorietta IV to have my haircut just in time for IMPULSE on Friday. Thanks, Mike. The car ran smoothly and well; I arrived home safe and in time for Day Two of “Simbang Gabi.” Cool. That’s all folks.


Kadz said...

I'll get my Kadzmobile too!! Hehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Go! Lemme be one of them first ones to ride it! Hehehe.