Sunday, December 9, 2007


I think I broke my own record for longest sleep ever: 14 to 15 hours straight. With the help of my beloved Tylenol PM and because of the trials of the past week, I really needed that. Now, I’m waiting for the headache to kick in and preparing for being fully awake later. Because I did a “sleeping beauty” routine, I missed 3/4s of a glorious Sunday that could’ve been brunch in High Street or go with my cousins to the mall. But that’s okay, sleep is better. When I woke up, I immediately went online to check for updates and new chismis posted. Hehehe, two pages of new replies and posts and blogs about how my friends feel about the week that was. My friend, Kads’, Blogspot site was suspended as it was reported that his account is a spam blog, meaning his site was flooded with links and that’s clear abuse of tools and services Blogger offers. Well, that sucks. Us two were really serious about our blog posting and it became a habit for us to try to update them everyday. I know he’s more into it than I am as he posts something new daily. I hope he gets his site back. Another thing worth mentioning is that I am supposed to be in Honee’s place this very moment with my team, enjoying Laguna and leaving behind the tension of our company’s crisis. But, as faith would have it, we canceled our scheduled trip because our beloved bosses in the states disapproved our proposed schedule changes. Even more disappointing is that the Sunday team was requested to go on VTO as there will be no use for them there. Sheesh. We could’ve been enjoying grilled barbecue and liempo right now and binge drinking till the sun comes up. No, instead I slept for more than half a day. Shaking and light headed because I forgot that I slept for that many hours and I haven’t eaten anything. Oh, well. There’s still next time. What happens in the weeks to come will surely be interesting and at the same time terrifying for some of us. Hang on.


Kadz said...

Yeah. Really pissed. I hope it'll be "restored" today as I'm so itching to blog about stuff. [Sighs]. Syang di natuloy ung kena Honee. Sna khit ung TRIP man lang.

timee said...

Badtrip nga naman yun. That sucks. Para ka pa naman si Perez. Ahahahaha. Sana maibalik pa sayo. Ikaw na nga lang reader ko, mawawala pa. ='(
Don't worry makakalabas din tayo by hook or by crook.