Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Globe UNLITXT: Dead

Those bastards! After making people pay extra for their “supposed to be” free SMS service about a year ago, now they’re putting their UNLITXT “promo” to a sudden stop. No news about it, just word of mouth and text jokes that were circulating greeting people advanced Merry Christmas because Globe’s axing their free service. I just confirmed it last night with Bes when she told me that she's no longer busy and has all the time in the world because she finally finished her thesis, and now, she’s a free girl. Unfortunately, texting might not be used as a means of communicating as Globe decided to be such jerks this Holiday season. She suggested Sun network since I also am subscribed to this network. But for Sun-users out there, the connection and lagging’s a real bitch.

People are already planning boycott of the Globe service. Well, Globe would like to see people try. For such a mogul like this network, with millions and millions of subscribers, you really think all those people will stop calling and texting using Globe? Filipinos nowadays cannot survive without their celfones and gadgets. They say it’s a fact that our country is the texting capital of the world. And I probably contributed to that title. Cool.

Ever since I started working though, I never really got to text that much since they don’t allow fones and gadgets inside our office floor. (Which was probably a factor for my singlehood..Hehehe) Incidentally, I switched to Globe because of the ex. I never purchased my Globe sim card. Instead, I borrowed a spare from Ralphy and never returned it, I think, for three years now.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m making any sense with this as I’m really, really sleepy. Just that UNLITXT’s been canceled to give way to a “better” promotion, which, I was told, includes services for other networks and lower price when using the network services. This bites. The only promo they decided to keep was that stupid daytime free texting and SULITXT, which if not for KC, I’ll probably describe with rude adjectives too. Good thing that I’m not a text-type-of-guy! I’d rather talk to the person through phone or face-to-face.

What’s next on the evil schemes of Globe? I don’t know. Hopefully, the subscribers end up the winners and those corporate bastards realize that not all people are subscribed to their plans and actually need free SMS service professionally and personally.

And I thought we were supposed to be “Malakas sa Globe…” Tssss…


Kadz said...

Yeah, Globe continues yet again with their bad service. If not only all my contacts are Globe subscsribers, I'd switch to Smart because of better perks to their sunscribers. Their "unlitxt" can also be sent to Talk n Text users! And they're wap fees are more affordable, compared to the per kb dL with Globe. Lipat na!! Boycott!!!

timeenutlatte said...

I know. Most of us are Globe subscribers. This bites. Anyway I'm currently using my Sun cellular network but my Globe stays. I guess we'll just have to settle for important messages from now on. Hehehe.