Sunday, December 30, 2007

Impulse: The Year-End Party (--,)

“PARTY HARD!” It’s the two words that I kept uttering the whole night of December 21, 2007. And it was very fitting. The two words that best described the annual PS year end party, aptly named this year, “Impulse: The Year-End Party,” held at Folk Arts Theater in CCP Complex. I had so much fun that evening that that party makes it to my history books as one of the dopest ever. It’s one of those times that you get to dress up and get loose and unwind, forgetting about work and negativities per se. All the elements of successful partying were present: friends, colleagues, literally hundreds of images, great music, fashion, booze, (with the exception of food and venue) but the experience compensated for all of it. Oh, yeah.

I had to go to work that day as it is a Friday, so the partying starts the moment I pressed AD 24 – Headset. Upon hearing the clicking sound, time to partehy! Kads were unusually early that time and we waited for some of our friends who get off at 6:00. So what do we do while we wait for them? Photo ops, of course: in our lobby and by the parking lot in front of our office. (The vines on the railings make for a great Hampton’s-like background…Hehehe). So, together with Monette (who by the way looked very lovely in dress), Mackoie, Archee, and Odette, we’re off to Folk Arts Theater. The traffic was terrible that it took us an hour and a half to reach a supposedly 15 -minute distance travel. That just sucks which contributed to the one disappointment this whole evening, which you will find out later. When we arrived to the venue, there were no more parking slots available so we had to park all the way to Star City. It was already 8:45 when we found free slots and I quickly changed into my attire inside my car. This time, I’m suited all suited up for Impulse. It’s once a year, give this to me! Hehehe. We walked towards the theater and there were still long lines in registration. Upon claiming our stubs and tickets, it’s game time!

Finding out that there weren’t any seats and round tables left, we settled for cocktail tables in the middle of the theater. We got our food, it was disappointing, and was shockingly full after. We decided to join Met’s group so us, Offline, would be together, which makes it even funner! The flashes of my friends cameras were ridiculous and it didn’t stop for quite some time. As the night progresses and big raffles were awarded to some lucky yet quite controversial employees, we waited for the main attraction of the party: the bands. Playing that night were Up Dharma Down, Kyla with the PS Idols, Bamboo, Parokya Ni Edgar, and Kamikazee. From this year’s band lineup, it’s a no-brainer that the night will ROCK! They didn’t disappoint. Bamboo is a god as we all know, Parokya and Kamikazee were always a joy and laugh and entertaining to listen and watch, but I never did get to see the first two bands and singer as their sets were already done when we got to the event. We rocked and partied so hard and we still have the energy to take some more pictures.

The cherry-on-the-top of this event was the images and albums that my friends accomplished. My goal for that night was 500 images and it exceeded my expectations. And I was kinda popular with those pictures as some of them were taken with a good friend, which Carl turned into a controversy, but in a good way. Hihihi. For the ultimate photo experience, click their names and it will take you to their personal photo albums: Kads, Kibi, Met, Jacq, Gemma, Warren, and (--,). I would like to thank you all guys for taking time to immortalize that night. Keep rockin’!

The evening does not end when the lights went on at around 2:00 in the morning. We hooked up with some ET people and took some more pictures and we planned our very own T&C after party. Venue was decided and Providence, Taft was given the honors. So, we went there but Prov was packed with people that we had to wait for some rooms to be vacant. We decided to dine in first at Tapa King, as we were really, really hungry at that time. I was treated by batchmate/close friend, Arnee, to a heavy meal, which I’m very grateful for. The Tapa King setting was one of the best moments of that night for me. Here, transcriptionists and editors, from different LOBs are all together eating like a family. There were representatives from each team and it didn’t matter even if our account was crumbling; it matters that we are there for each other. Two rooms in Prov are cleared and that’s where we cue the Imperial March theme.

Disaster strikes as my trusty ol’ Timmobile decided she’s too tired from partying and won’t start. It’s 3:00 AM in the morning and my friends are belting their lungs out whilst I was waiting for the tow truck so I could go home. Thanks to Mackoie and Kads who stayed with me and tried to fix her up to no avail, (Kads for just staying there and taking a very embarrassing picture). The tow truck arrived at around 4:30 AM and I got home 5:30 already. Which gives me ample time to call in for work as I have a shift, by the way, that starts 8:00 AM that day. I never did go to work that day and later found out that we were swamped with files and that Christmas day time-off was canceled. But that’s another story.

Impulse was the fitting closing event of 2007 for me. I had so much fun and memories in that party. I also have lots of photos to remember and reminisce about it. Even if the night ended frustratingly, the experience itself proved to be too much fun that I the smile on my face lasted. Even if T&C is rapidly falling apart and people are being picked one by one like sitting ducks, this event made us all feel special. Christmas just got sweeter this year with Impulse. Here’s hoping to a good year for all of you, guys! Merry Christmas!!!


Kadz said...

This is how my blow-to-blow account should have been if I ever were able to write it. Hehehe. Yeah, that night is one for the books. Thanks for immortalizing it in words.

timeenutlatte said...

Thanks! Course I can't cover it all, but I included the important parts. Hehehe. Yeah, thinks it's going to be a while for another event to top this one!