Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Destination: Divisoria

As I am writing this blog, my feet and legs are literally numb and I’m about to collapse from tiredness. But I just hafta write my very fun experience today before it leaves me. Like I said from my previous entry last night, today we embarked on a journey to Divisoria. I was really excited with this trip because it's always a different and unique experience for me every time I go to Divi. You see, I kinda grew up near Divi but was always isolated from the “real” Manila environment. It was only last year, I think, that I went back to Divisoria after perhaps a decade. Iya used to bring me there to buy toys and stuff and other useful things. But as I grew older, I was exposed more to the city and mall life that Divi was just another place that I was never interested with. Last year though, while I was still hitched, we frequented the place and I found it very exhilarating every time I see goodies that are affordable and cute. Perfect timing also as Christmas is just three weeks away and Divi is the perfect place to buy presents for people. Just try to not mind the hundreds and hundreds of people you will encounter while exploring Divisoria.

Divisoria is the mecca of all marketplaces and stores. It is in here that you will find anything that you are looking for, for a price that will definitely make your pockets and wallets smile. Imagine buying wholesale items of kitchenware or clothes for less than P20 a piece. Now that’s bargain. Divi is also the home of brand imitations and bootleg copies of anything. When in Divi, it is important and vital to know how to haggle. It’s the most important thing to do when transacting and purchasing stuff.

This afternoon, I met up with Monette at the office and we went to Divi as she will be buying stuff for her son’s 4th birthday on Wednesday. We rode PVP Liner to Lawton and took a Divi jeep from there. Our first stop: 168 Mall. This mall became famous last year with its super cheap prices on any and every item it offers. It is in here that we got those fancy bracelet favors that bends when you strike it into your wrist for P17 each; toy laser fingers that you wear like a glove and makes your fingers glow for P20 each (cool); Lego toys in small boxes for P15 each (cool). Afterwards, we headed to the New Divisoria Mall where most of the food items and more cool stuff are being sold. Monette bought the party bags there at P6.50 each (a bargain); then we went to the basement where I finally tapped out from the narrowness of the shopways and the heat. But of course, can’t let Monette show that I am a wuss, so just carry on. Down the mall's basement, we got candies for more than half the price from its grocery store costs. So she bought a box of lollipop fizzies for P120 with 40 lollipops inside. Then, back to 168 to look for a Megatron figure as this is what her son likes to be his cake décor. Not one Megatron in site and Optimus Prime look somewhat gay. Of course, these are all imitations so I never expected it to be that awesome. We’re after the price here, not how genuine the items are. We met up with Mackoie at the food court and decided to browse at the fashion stores. We were looking for something to wear for the Year-End Party, and we definitely got ideas (so excited).

Surprisingly, I got myself something and bought things for people. These will probably be my Christmas present to my teammates, at least, until my mind changes. Hehehe. I also got the first and second season “How I Met Your Mother” DVD. Monette needed to pass by her mom’s house at Retiro but not until she run some errands at SM San Lazaro. So I went with her and decided to meet up with dad. Well, that’s where my fantastic day ended. This entry looks hurried up because it honestly is. I might make edits or changes or just wait till my next trip to Divi and write a better experience blog for it. It’s just that all my muscles are literally screaming and wanting a rest. I am so tired from all the walking and haggling. Next time, I’ll be prepared. I’ll buy more chopping boards, three for P25. Hahaha.

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