Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Karaoke Night

I’ve known you for so long you are a friend of mine…”
All those vocal suppressions over the past few weeks were finally released. I was invited to Providence last Saturday night by Ronn’s group. Meaning, karaoke-type of gimmick; one of the best things to do anytime, anywhere. And, it served as a therapeutic outlet for all of our frustrations and disappointments from the recent crisis we went through. It’s been awhile since I went all American Idol-ish and gave cool renditions of my favorite songs. Good thing I still had it. (At least until Zelle sang and made our singing sound like nail scratching on chalkboards) Well, at least, somehow I do. No violent reactions whatsoever with my “golden voice.” Hehehe. If those guys let me downed more booze, they would’ve been blessed with my Taft-famous, “The Way You Look Tonight.” But that’s okay. It was fun seeing and more importantly, hearing, these friends of mine (there’s that damn line again) belt their lungs out: Nyce with her reggae renditions, Ronn with his boyband and Beatles covers, Zelle’s Nina Live, Shaila’s duets, Gem’s “erotic” singing/performance (tsk, tsk), and Boy’s Barry Manilow revivals. Wahahaha. And I think Boy was really into it, probably because he was “dedicating it to someone.”

The evening went well, if I may. Lots of laughs and songs and bottles of beer! Can’t imagine we finished all that without being tipsy, (at least I wasn’t). Ooh, but Shaila was, well, err, she was really, really “happy.” Hahaha. Like our motto for the evening: “What happens in Providence, stays in Providence.” After, I think, P400 worth of tokens (that’s 80 songs all in all), the evening didn’t stop there. We went back to the office for some late night/early morning coffee (thanks Gem) and more reflections.

I really had fun that night. I am really grateful that they absorbed me in their group. You see, I am friends with this guys but I haven’t really went with them on nights and gimmicks such as this. It depressing though that just when I finally knew what it felt like to hang with these guys, they had to be traded to another team. Sucks! But still, I don’t think that that’s it. There will be next times and more nightouts. I’m already excited just thinking about it. Hehehe.

Quit playing games with my heartwith my heart…”

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Kadz said...

Boy doing Barry??! Or Ron gone boybandish?!? And GEM?!?!! Erotic performance? Those are surely something to see. B-)

timeenutlatte said...

Boy doing Barry and Ronn being Boybandish...Okay! But Gem's performance, you guys are the lucky ones for not witnessing it! Hahaha...