Wednesday, December 5, 2007

VTO III: TimeZone..Still

Yet another VTO for me and my teammates. This is really becoming a habit and it’s bad for our pockets. These guys never learn. I have already beaten them so badly the last time around and still their persistency and pride prevails. When will you guys get it into your heads that my skills are far more superior than yours combined. Hahaha. It’s not even fair that I play with you as the end result, as expected, goes in my favor. Now, Mackoie, you know how it feels to lose lots and lots of your pride with the beating that handed you this afternoon. Mwahahaha. You could try and try and try but chances are you’ll go home empty-handed, crying, explaining to the Mrs. why you lost a couple hundred bucks. It just goes to show that I need to play in the next company Olympics so that I we can acquire some winnings. In all seriousness, we make sure that times are good and moments are enjoyable after every VTO. Making the most out of the time we have left together. Sniff! Harhar. Here we are at TimeZone Glorietta. Erik and Monette are missing in action today as they are both on leave. You guys missed a great game. And we made this game more interesting with a bet that really got us motivated to give it our best. Of course I won so I get to “take home” the prize. What’s the prize? We’re not at liberty to tell. But if ever that fictional prize comes true, oh my gawd, I swear, I’ll be really, really good, just let me take home that prize! Wahahaha. Onto the next VTO!

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