Monday, December 17, 2007

Nine Of Us...

After what seemed like an eternity, the nightmare is kind of over. But nine of us never awaken from that terrible experience. Nine of us spent their last day last Thursday. Nine of us will not be typing Calvary files any time soon. Nine of us won’t have to put up with two of the bitchiest bitches in the world. Nine of us whose fates are going to be up to them jerks from some First World country. Nine of us who took the dagger maturely and whole-heartedly. Nine of us who is making it hard for us, 20 retained people, to accept the fact that we’re letting go of colleagues. Nine teammates, but more importantly, nine comrades who made the Offline LOB, probably, the tightest (in a way) and harmonious team in T&C. Nine friends, more appropriately titled, nine friends, we will definitely miss.

To: Mackoie, Archee, Nyce, Ron, Met, Ronald, Jhen, Reyn, and Queen, Thanks so much for being a part of our daily lives. All of you played major roles in defining what a team could, would, and should be. Except for Ronald and John, but nevertheless, you guys are just an SMS away. Like I said, this is not goodbye. We’ll see each other after shifts, on breaks, lunches, birthdays, TRIP outings, hallways, et cetera. (Please do not forget us even if you guys are now call center agents and are earning more than the whole team’s earnings combined and hanging out at UCC and trips to Emba or Jaipur...Nyahahaha) Again, thank you so much, friends.


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