Friday, June 27, 2008

Clean Living

What I’m about to write may semi-raise some eyebrows.
For some reason, I am feeling seriously lethargic the whole day. I am really bored. I’d buy new DVDs if I had the means, but no. So, upon reaching home, I just lay in my bed for at least an hour doing absolutely nothing. And then, I accomplished something that I have been meaning to do since the same time last year: I have decided to clean out my phone inbox, as in total message purge.

Here it goes. You see, I still had messages dating back to 2002. I am that sentimental. Some are heart-warming and thought-provoking quotes; others, just plain messages that are special to me. Thus, I still had messages from the ex. There, I’ve said it. Now here’s my defense. I have admitted over and over that I am a lazy person. It takes a great deal of motivation (or boredom) for me to work on things. I’ve been meaning to delete old messages but indolence always prevails all over me. It is that simple.

Mock me all you want. “You’re still not over her.” “You’re still holding on.” Yeah, sure. Whatever gets you through the night. Get your kicks from teasing. The thing is, I’m pretty sure I got over her before we even parted ways. Long story. Might tell you someday! If there’s one thing to learn from all of these, it’s that I was kinda “baduy” then based on them messages. Euggghh! Good thing they are but a memory and they are all deleted. Mushyness, spare me! (Bear with me; t’was my first!) Pretty hard to believe that laziness is the sole reason, I know! But if you really know me, then you wouldn’t doubt me one bit.

Anyway, to cut this pointless story short, my phone may finally breathe regularly. Lots of spaces for “new” messages and texts. After all, only two weeks to go before I celebrate my first anniversary of freedom. It’s been a year since I was vacant, any takers?


Anonymous said...

Where's the song to accompany this? "Freedom" from WHAM? LOL.


keem said...

I'm one sentimental cookie, too. My cell phone is only over a year old, and so are some of the text messages. =p

timeenutlatte said...

Kads: In July pa nga! Wait for it.. Wait for it.. Hehehe. WHAM? Asus.

Keem: I even had messages from my high school pa. I still have my old phones din kasi. (--,)

VeeJei said...

My old messages, naka-archive sa PC. Hahahaha! Hindi kasya sa cellphone eh. Ü