Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Scribbles: Cellphones

What models of cellphones had you had and what led you in purchasing the next one?
June 22, 2008

Nokia 909
Back in 1998, when cellphones are but a luxury, Mum gave me this one as means of communication. Her only kid in high school, cellphones are the most convenient way for her to track my location or contact whenever I’m MIA. I so loved this phone. I mean, sure it doesn’t offer SMS service (analog) but one peso per one minute of call. So cool. Even if it was called by people back then as a “fax machine” because of its size and style, to date, it is still one of my all-time favorite cellphones ever.

Nokia 3210
I don’t think I know anyone who didn’t own one of this model. Nokia 3210 was seriously selling like hotcakes back in ‘99. It was the “in” phone and it’s on everyone’s “must-have” list. It wasn’t the first phone that came out without the antenna but its sleek design and better features from its predecessors made it a hit for the Gen-X people in the turn of the century.

Nokia 6210 Silver Edition
I can’t remember the reason why I bought this one, probably because I loved its look and its font sizes are huge that they’re really user-friendly. I never did had this phone that long as Mum decided that she wants it so it’s hers. Harhar.

Nokia 6510
Ah, my smallest cellphone unit. This one I got for its radio. I still use this on occasions and this little guy gave me lots of memories. Hehehe. I fell in love with its compact feature and blue backlight and of course, its radio capabilities. Ironic thing is, after buying this unit, a month after, colored cellphone units and camphones were introduced in the market.

Nokia 6230
My favorite. Nothing shall ever replace this 6230 unit in my heart. I love it. It was given to me by my Lola Tits before she passed away along with Charley that’s why it’s that important to me. Aside from its sentimental value, methinks it’s the one Nokia unit that has the most complete features ever: radio, mp3, video, camera, Bluetooth, infrared…and so on. And how I love using this when sending SMS because I am so used with its keypads. Its like a part of me actually. One thing’s for sure, I ain’t letting go of this one.

Motorola RAZR V3X
Got this last year and I’m kinda still contemplating if it was the right purchase. See, I ain’t the techie guy, as long as I have a phone that works fine, has a music feature, and a good camera, then it’s all gravy to me. But I’ve always liked flip phones because they look oh-so-stylish, so I opted to get a Moto. Last year was Moto year in the Philippines, so the hype for their phones was that apparent. Sure, it has great features, good camera, and an awesome storage space, but Motos are known for being user-unfriendly. Try texting in Moto phones. Tsk tsk.

Like I said, I’m not a techie guy. I even have trouble remembering my phone model numbers. If it works, then there’s no reason to replace it. Sure, there are moments where I find myself admiring the latest models and occasionally wanting to upgrade to those high-end series, but then again, why bother? I’ll just invest those thousands of pesos to clothes, food, and travel. And I’m not really the “phone” guy. Try texting me and you’ll know what I mean. I’d rather speak to you in person or through voice calls. What I do like though, is an iTouch or iPhone. Sponsors, anyone?

Dream phone: Nokia 8110 (Matrix phone) and I’m currently planning to score a Nokia 2650 just because I love how it looks.

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Kadz said...

Nokia 909, so that's what it's called! Hehe. My mom had that, and during those times, it was on BillCrusher I think.

I also had the other phones you posted, except for the last two. I'm all cool with my N95. It'd be a long time before I replace this. La na kcng pera. Wehehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Yep, I even had an orange case and a Bugs Bunny topper for its antenna. Haha. My classmates were dumbfounded when it rings during classes. Great times.

Nice, you had 6510. I want phones that are a mystery to the masses. Like, "anong model yan?" Gusto ko unique akin and only few people own 'em. (--,)

AthensDLR said...

oh my! sinagutan mo pala siya. haha... hindi ko pa tapos iyong akin sa dami ng mga phones na napagdaanan ko. haha

timeenutlatte said...

DQ: Yep, I did. Di naman tulad ni Carl na kulang na lan eh magkaron ng stall sa Greenhills. But I love my phones. Each and everyone of them. Yes, I'm talkin about phones. Hehehe.