Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School's Back

June reminds me of lots of things, but only three of them stands out: Independence Day (which was foolishly moved three days before), hump month (meaning it’s the middle of the year and the Holidays’ just around the corner), and school’s back.

Back-to-school = traffic. Being the lucky guy I am, my route going to the office passes by this known technical school in Makati. My shift starts around noontime and we all know the monstrosities of traffic come lunch hour. Dismissal time of those in the primary level falls around that time and what commuters go through upon passing by that school is hell, literally. Your institution is quite well-known and one of the best (and your Italian ristorante is heaven), is it too much trouble to organize your parking schemes? The heaps of school services I can stomach, but do you really need three cars to pick up just one silly bastard? (Yeah, known fact, I hate kids!) I’ve been meaning to write about this a couple of months back but since it was summer, I’ve decided to take it easy.

One good thing about back-to-school = froshies! Fresh, fresh, fresh, if you catch my drift! [Evil Laugh] Creepy as it may sound, but it brings back memories. [Sigh] How I miss school. Catching up with your idiot barkada after two months of no school, all fun. Planning for the hell that you will go through for the coming school year. Bragging about things that you supposedly did during the summer, when in fact you were just home with your supply of bootleg DVDs and going online 24/7. I wish life could be that simple. Then again, being in the real world definitely has its perks!


Anonymous said...

Chuck: I love freshmen. They're so...
Isabel: Fresh?
Ods: Tissue!

Wahaha. I remember Od's blog on Multiply reading this post. Yeah, traffic will be something troubling us every day now that school is back.

--Nate aka Bairuz (LOL)

timeenutlatte said...

That's me, Chuck, line and all. Ha-ha-ha! Be careful with "O". Hehe. Freshie, freshie, freshie. Hot patrons and all. >:)
Stupid stupid traffic especially the establishment I mentioned!

--Chuck B.