Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Of Clicks and Chows

I have some interesting thoughts in my mind. Well, they’re not ideas, just experiences and plain thoughts. First off, photography. Everyone’s who’s everyone is joining the photography bandwagon. I mean, everyone. My colleagues/friends are all uploading their own versions of images. From swanky SLR (I don’t even know what it stands for) shots to seemingly ordinary but magnificent camera phone images, no scene will go unnoticed. It’s all good. I’ve been volunteering to model for my “more serious photographer” friends, but I just can’t seem to find time to make it happen. One of these days, Carl and Tatz, I swear.

It’s a known fact that I’d rather be the subject than the one behind the camera. I can say that I’m not a pretty bad photographer. It’s just I ain’t that enthusiastic and patient to capture art through lenses. I have my own camera (which is currently dead from overexposure) and its sole purpose is to capture fun moments as remembrances from gimiks, reunions, and sessions. I’ll leave the high-end photography to the pros, sort of.

Next: food reviews. Just this morning, I found out that one of my food reviews was viewed and commented by this person. Big deal! It is, for me. Having someone appreciating your article and thanking me for the review really made my day. And icing on the cake, I found out that that particular review is in the first page of Google when you search for the restaurant’s name. Wow. I’m important! Harhar. Check two of them here: Café Mediterranean & Grams Diner

Reviewing restaurants and food shops is an interesting career or hobby that I should really pay more attention to. I have lots of pending reviews and ideas that I cannot put into writing because of one thing and one thing only: procrastination. Probably when I graduate from the hell that is my job, I’d have all the time to write them reviews. And yes, I don’t look the part, but then again, it’s also a known fact that I…have great taste. (--,)


keem said...

Reviewing restaurants and food shops is an interesting career or hobby that I should really pay more attention to.

You are good at it, my man. Go make a career out of it someday if you ain't gonna put up your own bar/club/restaurant. Anthony Bourdain of the Philippines? =p

bairuz said...

Yeah, like I said dun sa comment page ko, you migth make a name for yourself! B-)

timeenutlatte said...

Keem | Wow..flattery. Much appreciated. My major is Business and Entrepreneurship, and I did several feasib studies on bars and restos and cafes. Actually my dream, to have one. I need capital! And I need to be motivated to start making my business plan. Hehe. I already have my chefs and coordinators. Yay!

timeenutlatte said...

Bairuz | Haven't I, yet? Hahaha. Yeah, yeah. I know. One day, I can see it now. Hehehe.