Monday, June 9, 2008


Super Saiyans, turning green, Yoda muttering “Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate…” and one of the Seven Cardinal Sins: Wrath! Ask my college buddies about their first impressions of me and they will give you two answers. One is I’m somewhat auti because I never speak to anyone unless they speak to me first and usually stay quiet if I’m in a new environment; and the other, that my temper is really, really messed up.

No, I don’t pick fights nor start one; I’m much too smart for that. You really think I could win fistfights and physical brawls? It’s just that the smallest things can tick me off. Traffic is given, making plans and changing them in the last minute, idiot people standing in my way and blocking my path when I’m in a hurry (this one I hate the most) are just some of the things that ignite the rage in me.

I’ve learned to control that emotion as I progressed through college and it was all rainbows and lollipops, I think, going into my first year of working. Blame the stress or frantic system of my industry and the hysteria it caused to the people I’m working with--it’s back. Just last week, I’ve been really pissed off at some people and colleagues for the smallest reasons. The ironic thing was, I was having one of those better weeks that most of us consider rare nowadays. Probably just to balance the whole order of things (anger/ happiness, hatred/ calmness). Yeah, yeah.

Hypertension runs in both sides of my family and I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear sirens wailing and I’m in that van being rushed to the nearest care center. I mean, with my lifestyle and all, (this one goes out to the family), you really think I don’t know what I’m doing? “Makinig ka!” Of course I am. You’re telling me straight in my face and we’re just two feet apart, I can hear you! It’s not like I believe in hedonism, but you gotta cut me some slack. I know my limits and boundaries and I will accept whatever the consequences of my lifestyle brings.

What is left for me is a grueling duel of red and blue lightsabers, someone getting his armed chopped off, the other being burned alive, the latter being rescued and gets to have a cool suit that has cool breathing sounds, and cue the Imperial March.

The stronger, darker emotions.
Anger, hatred, fear… these passions empower us.”


keem said...

idiot people standing in my way and blocking my path when I’m in a hurry

I hate them as well. Sometimes I would push them real hard but make it look like it wasn't intentional hehehe...

Anonymous said...

I know where some of these are coming from. Good thing you didn't give in and not turn this into an Abiog-ey hullabaloo. Wehehe.


timeenutlatte said...

Keem: Super. They really ruin my day, as in. Sidewalks are not parks you morons. And escalators are wide for a reason. If only I can use violence. Hehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Kads: Hah! Of course you will, you're inches from me. I will talk to one of them tomorrow night. I just realised, we only got three nights before we she leaves. :'( And you're goin to be the receivin end of my "Abiog-ey" hullabaloo since you're next to me. And since newspapers are too subtle, how about I light people up on fire. Nyahahaha. Too much "Supernatural," sorry!

keem said...

Aba may issue pala. Anong kaguluhan itoh?!