Monday, June 2, 2008

Something Orange

Orange. My favorite color ever since. Probably because of its brightness, it’s the first color that attracted my baby mind. And it’s also the color of my security blanket/pillow back then so there. Relevance? Nothing really. I ain’t even answering some slumbook. Just that last Saturday night, Offline friends went bowling at Mall of Asia and I decided to follow after office because it’s been a while since I went out with them (shades of the Friday Club).

Carl is present which means guaranteed photo-ops. And I was right. Surrounding this entry are some pictures taken with his new baby, Canon EOS 450D, whatever that means. Like what he said I ain’t enthusiastic much behind the camera; I’d rather be the subject.

Orange! Nice, huh? Props to main man, Carlo. He’s getting better and better. And of course, his models are helping big time. Hehehe.

For more of our pics, visit his site: Carlography of Offline Peeps


Anonymous said...

I do agree that Carl is getting better with each shot. And now that he has his own DSLR, we sure are going to see a lot more, and you guys get to be the subject. Heheh.


timeenutlatte said...

Wadoyoumean just us? Of course you also get to be the subject. Us goodlooking folks should always share our gifts. Hehehe.